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Zidane ready to take over PSG

Zidane ready to take over PSG

Following another humiliating loss Manchester United received over the weekend, they were left with no option but to part ways with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after three years of governance. This 4-1 defeat to Watford was a big blow to The Red Devils who are now without a head coach, and as they scorch the earth in search of Ole’s successor, bettors will be left with a new set of odds for their wagers when they open betting accounts with no restrictions.

The Old Trafford board on several occasions had ignored direct calls from fans to relieve Ole of his duties. However, a disgraceful 5-0 loss to rivals Liverpool and a 2-0 derby defeat to The Citizens in early November has put the club 12 points behind leaders Chelsea. This leaves them with five defeats in their last seven Premier League matches of the season, a situation that cannot be overseen.

This brings us to a shortlist

Ajax’s Erik ten Hag is said to be United’s second choice, but according to reports, he’s acting cold towards the job. Moreover, Zidane’s wife is unwilling to move to Northern England, making him not interested in the offer. This puts Pochettino (the first choice) at United and Zidane at Parc des Princes. General Editor of ESPN, Alex Shaw tweeted:

To me, the situation is staring everyone in the face: Pochettino and PSG have an uneasy alliance. Man Utd long coveted him and vice versa. PSG could replace Pochettino with Zidane, who doesn't want Man Utd (and could be a good fit at PSG?). Everyone's happy.”

Zinedine Zidane’s status

Conversation coming from the PSG dressing has it that Zizou’s arrival is fast approaching in Paris, as they’re fully aware of what’s going on in the upper room, and they strongly believe that something is about to happen.   

Pochettino via ACC-EX

A crucial moment for Pochettino

Given the fact that he didn’t leave the Premier League with favorable results, he has always wanted to return in order to change that. Now that the opportunity has shown itself, it’s most likely he will take up the offer. Though the timing isn’t on his side, you never know, this might just be one of those strange things to happen in football.  

A lot of time bombs surround him as he struggles to achieve the best results in a club flooded with stars, amidst Kylian Mbappe’s future, Sergio Ramos’ comeback from injury, and Lionel Messi’s arrival. Will he make the right decision? Is it the right timing to right his wrongs at the premier league? Most especially, is he the right choice for Manchester United? Stay tuned to our news section as we bring more updates to this regard.