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Yulimar Rojas beats World Record once again

Yulimar Rojas beats World Record once again

The young Venezuelan athlete has once jumped right through the World Record, one that she herself had established back in 2021, making everyone wonder is there is a limit to the feats she can attain. It might be a good idea to check out some of the best original accounts at all the major bookmakers, and support her if you like, because this is a star that’s just beginning to shine her light on the sports world.

About her

Yulimar Rojas is currently 26 years old, with her birthday coming right up on October; and she has 6 siblings. The young athlete, born and raised in Caracas, has often been described as energetic, dynamic and a straight up fighter, all of which are qualities the greatest of athletes in history have often shared. As it is well known, Venezuela is not the easiest place in the world to live in, so this athlete is more than accustomed to fighting off the adversities that life may present her with, as well as rapidly picking opportunities the moment when they appear.


Yulimar has so far won one bronze medal, three silver medals, and fifteen gold medals! So, it’s made obvious that whenever she appears at a competition victory simply won’t be an easy task for other athletes. The majority of her gold medals were won whilst in either the triple jump or the long jump category, which is where she has most distinguished herself, and the others have either been won on the high jump category; all of these achieved at a multitude of the most renowned competitions, such as the 2019 Pan-American Games in Lima or the 2020 Tokio Olympic Games. And as stated before, she has beaten the triple jump World Record twice consecutively and thrice in total.

Overall, Yulimar Rojas is one of those athletes that appear very rarely thought history, to shine their light upon the world, beat around the sports world, setting their own records, and placing themselves as examples of perseverance and dedication for generations to come. Since you’re most likely fired up already, go ahead and register for an original betting account and partake in her next victories by betting on her success.