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WIilfred Minter’s glorious defeat

WIilfred Minter’s glorious defeat

Football is one of the sports that affects the emotions of its fans the most. Now, can you imagine watching a match with 15 goals? And that’s not all, imagine seeing the player who scored almost half of these goals leave the field defeated! Crazy, am I right?

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Moving on with the article, this crazy story happened in 1922, at the FA Cup, at a match between St. Albans City and Dulwich Hamlet. The match took place on November 22, 1922, and started at 3 pm. London's Dulwich scored the first goal, but St. Albans had an Ace on their side: Wilfred Minter. He managed to turn the game around, scoring 3 goals in sequence against Dulwich. But sadly fate would be cruel to Mr. Minter.

He Keeps Fighting on

Dulwich managed to turn the game around again, changing the score to 5 to 3. It turns out that St. Albans, who currently dispute the 6th division of the English league, did not have a reserve goalkeeper for this match, so they called up Alf Fearn who had played outfield and had to count on the rest of the team to defend their goal as much as possible.

Wilfred did not let that slow him down. The guy, who throughout his career at the club scored 356 goals in 362 matches, was inspired that day and went on to score 3 more goals, once again turning the game to 6 to 5. The story could have ended there, but Dulwich scored again and took the duel into overtime.

Winning and Losing at the Same Time

Wilfred fought even more! And he scored again! Now at 7 to 7, making St. Albans tried to hold on to that result until the end, had they succeeded, another game would be necessary, but this time at St. Albans' home field.

But it was not to be...

At the last minute, Dulwich scored one last time, placing Wilfred in the world records as the player who scored the most goals in a single match without giving their team a victory, a record that to this day was never surpassed...

Wilfred Minter may have lost in the books, but he had the moral victory that day, and if you also want to be a winner learn more about the greatest legends of the world of sports, check out our news section, and join ACC-EX in the world of sports!