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What's the quadruple that the Reds are chasing?

What's the quadruple that the Reds are chasing?

Periodically, there are teams that find themselves in such a form that they seem unbeatable. During such times they are also trying to succeed in receiving as many awards as possible. The most prestigious are the trophies, the better it is for their name. Under the guidance of Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool are in such a state that the lucky ones amongst the punters that have betting accounts with no restrictions will enjoy great profits by wagering on a sure horse.

What's a quadruple?

The term denotes a set of four "official" titles. One of Continental or International level and three of local level. The critical condition is that any of the four must provide a tangible result like acquiring the eligibility for a Continental competition for the next season, or an automatic inclusion without the need for a qualification process.

The difficulty of achieving such an objective is amply displayed by the fact that it has only been done once before. In 1967, Celtic managed to win the European Cup, the two Cups of Scotland and the country's league. There have been teams that have won 4 titles that cannot be counted as a quadruple, either because they were not won in a single campaign, or one of the titles was not recognized as "official". Bayern Munich for example did accomplish a four title award, however, the fourth trophy was the Club World Cup which does not provide tangible results.

The four trophies Liverpool is going for

The Reds have already won the two UK Cups: Carabao and FA. It's quite noteworthy that their opponent in both cases were Chelsea and not Manchester City, and that in both cases, the battle was settled on the penalty shoot-out. The third title that will be contested, will be that of the Champions League, were they will face Real Madrid with a real chance of winning. Apart from being in their own hands to win the match, they also have a vengeance to take for the 2018 final that they lost to the Spanish by 3-1. Liverpool fans still consider that Sergio Ramos purposefully hurt Mo Salah, while Loris Karius conceded a goal under the state of a concussion.

Unfortunately, the fourth title, the Champions of the Premier League, is out of their hands as the Citizens have a one-point lead. As it is more than likely that both clubs will win the last fixtures for the season to be completed, the Sky Blues have the advantage. Unless Aston Villa can perform a miracle and either manage to win or get a draw out of the confrontation, the crown will go to Manchester City.

Even the tremble would be a tremendous accomplishment and it would make the season a very successful one for Liverpool. However, it is an exciting concept to gamble on their chances for the full quadruple, for those who open an original betting account via agent. It always pays well to defy the odds and come out a winner at the end of it all.