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What happens to the Olympic flame between the games?

What happens to the Olympic flame between the games?

The Olympic Games are the most popular international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions. Thousands of professional athletes from around the world take part in these competitions. The next edition was supposed to take place this year in Japan but sadly had to be postponed to next year. But not all is bad news, several sports are making a comeback, and if you want to be ready for them, you must get an original betting account without limits right now!

One of the main symbols of the games is the Olympic flame. During the opening ceremony, everyone looks forward to seeing how the pyre will be lit. At the games and in the months leading up to it, we often see the flame, but what about the interval between editions? Does it stay alight somewhere?

The Divine Origin

The Olympic flame symbolizes the fire stolen from the gods by Prometheus, a crime by which he was punished for the rest of his days. During the games in antiquity, this flame remained lit only during the competition period. In the modern era, the flame was only used from 1928, in the Amsterdam games.

The torch relay was another recent tradition. It started in 1936, in the Berlin games, and since that time, the torch has left Olympia, Greece, and traveled through several locations before reaching the Olympic stadium, where it will be kept lit during the competition.

Torch Relay

Originally, the torch relay was done primarily by runners, but over time the tradition became another part of the show, with a multitude of people having the honor of carrying it. It has already been transported in very unusual ways during the story of the event. In 1948, for example, it crossed the English Channel by boat; in 1952, to Helsinki, Finland.

However, the 1976 games took the gold medal here. The hosting country was Canada, and the flame was converted into a radio signal, which in turn was transmitted from Athens to Quebec via satellite! At the destination, the signal activated a laser beam, which lit the flame again!

In the 2000 edition, in Australia, the torch was transported underwater. A system was developed so that the flame would not go out, and a diver was responsible for the feat, passing close to the Great Barrier Reef, an Australian natural beauty and wonder of the world.

The flame symbolizes life and the competitive spirit, but unfortunately, it goes out after the games, to be lit again just months before the next edition, however, the spirit of the Olympic flame remains lit at all times. Another thing that never goes out is ACC-EX’s dedication to its clients. Stay tuned in our latest news and make sure you get an original betfair.com account with no limits to bet on the Olympics.