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Top 5 Martial arts that are not from Asia!

Top 5 Martial arts that are not from Asia!

When you think about martial arts, your mind probably goes to things like karate or Kung fu right?

That is fine and all, but humans have been coming up with new and more efficient ways to beat each other up for millennia, and all over the world. Martial arts are not exclusive to the orient, but fighting styles from other countries tend to fall in the limelight of history.

That is why we here at ACC-EX will bring you the top 5 martial arts which originated outside of Asia!

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Savate was created by street fighters in France during the 19th century, who used to put on their heavy boots and try to kick each other in the head. The word “Savate” is an old slang term meaning “old shoe.” Eventually, savate moved from the street into boxing schools and became very popular in France, known for brutal kicks to the head and face meant to down a man in one blow. Typical of martial arts that originated from street fighting, savate includes weapons such as walking canes, short knives, and even wooden chairs.

Krav Maga

As many people will be eager to tell you, Krav Maga is more of a “system” than a martial art. But, semantics aside, this deadly fighting art comes from Israel and has its origins on the streets. Developed by Jewish vigilantes who defended their neighborhoods from antisemitic gangs, Krav Maga’s focus is on ending a fight as quickly as possible. It is considered a martial art reserved for Military and police use, utilized by US Special Forces and the FBI.


Hailing from the cold north, Sambo a modern martial art developed in the Soviet Union. There are three competitive variations of Sambo: Sport Sambo, stylistically similar to amateur wrestling or judo; Combat Sambo, utilized and developed for the military and resembles modern MMA; and Freestyle Sambo which uses a uniquely American set of competitive Sambo rules.


Originating from ancient Greece, Pankration, which translates to “Anything goes” was one of the most brutal events in the legendary Olympics. This combination of boxing and wrestling, allowed for almost anything, groin punches, eye gouges, and even finger breaking. Today, Pankration is a sport and the techniques developed thousands of years ago are still strong enough to make it into Mixed martial arts events, now with a lot less eye-gouging, of course.


A combination of dance and martial art, Capoeira started in Brazil, created by African and Native American slaves who taught themselves to fight with only their feet while their hands were shackled. After slavery was abolished, the Emperor of Brazil deemed Capoeira techniques too dangerous for freed slaves and forbade its practice. Today, it is widely practiced and considered part of the culture of Brazil.

There are many more martial arts all over the world that could have made it to this list, but, for now, at least, we will leave it here. But if you also want to be a winner learn more about the greatest legends of the world of sports, check out our news section, and join ACC-EX in the world of sports!