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Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Four new sports on the games

Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Four new sports on the games

The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will feature four major innovations. In simple words, during this year's edition, some sports will integrate the list of Olympic sports for the first time. They are: baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing, and surfing. These new sports will bring new betting opportunities; we are sure that we have a bookie that will meet your needs, so take advantage of this unique event and open an account with no betting limits today.

Despite being in the testing phase and not yet counting medals for the overall country table, the five modalities in question will respect all Olympic procedures and will not fail to distribute medals to their respective winners.

The new Olympic modalities in matter

 Baseball and softball on Tokio 2021

Baseball/Softball:  Baseball/softball was once part of the Olympic Games during Beijing edition in 2008, but was eventually removed from the event for London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 editions.

Although being very similar, baseball and softball have specific rules and clear differences. Only men play baseball, while softball is an exclusively women's sport. In each, there will be six countries disputing for the gold in this return to the Olympics.

Karate on Tokio 2021

Karate: Despite being an ancient practice, karate will be the newest member of the martial arts in the Olympic Games. In Tokyo, Japan, the sport will be divided into two categories, or rather, disciplines: the kumite and the kata, which will classify the athletes according to their weight, as is already done in other fights.

The kumite consists of the fight itself, in which the opponents face each other for three minutes and the winner is the one who scores the most points by hitting the "target" areas. The kata, on the other hand, prioritizes the way the fighters behave and the technique used on the tatami. Among the scoring criteria we find, for example, strength, speed, and balance.

Sport climbing on Tokio 2021

Sport climbing: Sport climbing is, without a doubt, the most unique novelty of the Olympics. At first, the sport will be divided into three phases: difficulty, speed, and boulder. Both male and female athletes will compete in all categories, and the one who does best will win the gold.

In the difficulty climbing, endurance is important, and the competitor who reaches the highest height among the challenges imposed by the route wins. In the speed climbing, as the name suggests, the winner is the one who completes the race in less time. The boulder climbing, finally, we focus on the style in which the athlete climbs without the safety ropes.

Surf on Tokio 2021

Surf: Along with other water sports, surfing will be another Olympic sport practiced in natural waters. Since Tokyo is a city that does not have many coastlines suitable for surfing, surfers will compete in Chiba, a municipality 64 km from the capital.

As surfing depends on weather conditions and a favorable sea to be a practicable sport, it is not possible to determine precisely how long the men's and women's competitions will last in the Olympics. It is even possible that the sport will take longer than the period foreseen for the event itself.

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