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The top funniest names in football

The top funniest names in football

World football is full of names that can put a smile on anyone’s face. Most of the time, it's not even their fault, but in the various languages, sometimes the story can be different. Check out some of the funniest names and have some fun. Nevertheless, these players are actually quite good in what they do and they can influence the outcome of a match, the odds given, and, where it matters, the money you will make by opening a betting account without limits

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1. Fabian Assman

Walter Fabian Assman is a football player from Argentina who plays for Aldosivi. He joined the club in 2018, however, he started his career playing for Independiente in 2007. Obviously, the name is quite a treat for its meaning in many languages.


2. Creedence Clearwater Couto

This Brazilian player currently plays for Santa Cruz. He became quite popular for his unusual name. The reason behind it is his parents, who were huge fans of the American band ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’ and decided to name their son in their honor. This one not funny per se but it is a clear indication of how someone’s name can be of significant influence in his career.

3. ArgelicoFucks

Argélico Fucks (born 4 September 1974), also known as Argel Fucks or Argel Fuchs, is a retired Brazilian footballer who played as a central defender, while he now works as a manager. He gained some fame with his move to Benfica, as one of the headlines read as follows: ‘Fucks Off to Benfica‘

4. Stefan Kuntz

Kuntz is a retired football player from Germany. Currently, he is the manager of Germany’s national U21 team. Kuntz has been in charge of several German clubs like LR Ahlen, Bochum, Karlsruher SC, and FC K’lautern. In the 1994 world cup, Kuntz played for Germany's national team.

5. Charlie Oatway

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is so weird with a name like “Charlie Oatway”? Well, not much really, but that is only the short version. His real name is Anthony Philip David Terry Frank Donald Stanley Gerry Gordon Stephen James Oatway. Makes one wonder if he was christened inside a train…

6. Hope Solo

Let’s add a philosophical twist to the debate. Let’s start with the last name. Solo. Question 1: who was the influencing force? Han Solo for the family or the family for Han Solo... Solo…Question 2: Alone or a lead performer? Judging by her history we tend to believe that the latter might be the correct response. And now… Hope. We all know what it means in English. But in some other languages, it means “grasshopper”, “butterfly”, “jumping from one place to the other”. So we have a grasshopper (or a butterfly) that jumps from one place to the other, as a single lead performer… Go figure!

7. Bastian Schweinsteiger

We all know who he was. But how many of us know what his name means? In German it means the skin of a pig…and since “pig” has an extended negative meaning… draw your own conclusions. Also… Sebastian is a very common name for Latin males. However, its translation in some non-Latin language derivatives means “respectful”. So we have a respectful skin of a pig…

8. Jakub Błaszczykowski

In this case, the fun is not in the meaning of the name. It is in how to try and pronounce it properly! In Polish, the symbol - ł – is not the Latin l (L). It is a character that is pronounced as – ou -. Sz is the equivalent of “sh”, while CZ is the sound “tch”. And you have those ones after the other. So we have a Bouashtchikofski. Good luck!

Well, this was a fun ride, we hope you have enjoyed it. We sure did. There will be more to come! If you want to learn even more funny and weird things about the world of sports, make sure to stay tuned and check out our news section!