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The Tokyo Medical Association calls for cancellation of the Olympic Games

The Tokyo Medical Association calls for cancellation of the Olympic Games

The Tokyo Medical Association sent a letter to the prime minister asking him to convince the International Olympic Committee to cancel the Games due to the Covid-19 re-emergence in the city.

"We ask the authorities to convince the IOC that the celebration of the Olympic Games is difficult and that they need to cancel,” says the letter sent by the experts.

However, the response by the International Olympic Committee was that the games will proceed as scheduled, despite the inadequate sanitary conditions. For the punters, this is good news as they have been expecting the odds for more than a year. Odds that you can take advantage of yourself if you open an account without limits.

State of emergency in Tokyo almost two months before the Olympics

It all began after the government announced the third state of emergency for Tokyo. It is to be maintained until May 31. In conjunction with the vaccination delays (only 3.5% out of the 126 million Japanese have been inoculated), the situation led the experts to send the letter in question, being joined by hundreds of thousands of people who signed petitions for the cancellation of the Olympics. Despite all of the above, Prime Minister Suga insists they will have "safe Olympians."

There will be no international audience

The prime minister’s assertion seems to be in conflict with the statement of the president of the International Committee, Thomas Bach, who announced that foreign spectators will not be able to attend the events in order to keep the participants and the residents of the country safe.

The authorities seem determined to continue with the organization no matter what. Stay tuned to our news section to be informed immediately on any and all developments on the subject. And there are bound to be plenty. Including reactions from the protagonists: the athletes themselves.