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The sporting world is no stranger to sexual harassment

The sporting world is no stranger to sexual harassment

The “me too” movement intends to put a stop to the demeaning or even insulting behavior against women. While it is true that the inappropriate actions have existed for many years, now the victims begin to talk and disclose their unfortunate experiences. It doesn’t matter where it unfolds. However, it is even worse when it does in the world of sports where the term “brotherhood” is supposed to extend to both males and females. Any revelation of an incident also brings an immediate impact on the betting world as it affects the odds offered on all original betting accounts.

Another occurrence was brought forth in the Netherlands. The perpetrator now faces the consequences of his actions along with the disgrace he brought on his up to now good name.

How the story unfolded

The name of Marc Overmars is well-known through his days as a winger for Ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona. For the past 10 years he held the position of Director of Football affairs in the Dutch club. The accusation on what was his transgression stated that he sent “inappropriate messages to female colleagues”. In his statements on the issue he acknowledged the fact:

“I am ashamed. Last week I was confronted with reports about my behavior. And how this has come across to others. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I was crossing the line with this, but that was made clear to me in recent days. I suddenly felt enormous pressure. I apologize. Certainly, for someone in my position, this behavior is unacceptable. I now see that too. But it is too late. I see no other option but to leave Ajax. This also has a major impact on my private situation. That is why I ask everyone to leave me and my family alone.”

As expected, the decision was swift. Overmars had to step down and resign from all the posts he held at Ajax.

The Ajax stance on the issue

Another well-known player holds the position of chief executive for the club. Edwin Van den Sar

This is how he reacted on the issue:

“Marc is probably the best football director that Ajax has had. We upgraded and extended his contract for a reason. But unfortunately, he has really gone over the line, so continuing as director was not an option, as he recognized himself. It is extremely painful for everyone. I want to express the wish that everyone involved is given the peace and privacy to process this.”

To iterate even further:“I find the situation appalling for everyone and I agree with Leen Meijaard’s words. In my role, I also feel responsible to help colleagues. A safe sport and working climate is very important. We will pay even more attention to this in the near future.”

The aftermath

The message for any such incident is clear. Any deviation from what is appropriate will be divulged and duly punished. Everyone’s behavior needs to be respectful and dignified. For the world of sports, any incident has a further unfortunate implication. People open an original betting account via agent expecting to make some money out of odds offered when things run as they should. When they are not, then this whole structure suffers just as it does when shaking the foundations of the aforementioned “brotherhood”.