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The saga on VAR goes on to new levels after the drama in Madrid

The saga on VAR goes on to new levels after the drama in Madrid

Many stars of football have expressed the view that VAR takes out the magic moments of football. For the fans, it’s anything for the victory and when technological advance hinders that, it is to be destroyed. However, for the impartial observers if the magical moment or the victory is based on unfairness then it’s the entire sport that must be condemned. The punters need to know that when they are using their original betting accounts to place their wagers, there is no hint of something fishy that can throw their profits off the window.

Alfred Hitchcock

The grand master of thrillers himself, could not have foreseen what happened at the Metropolitano. In fact, when the group started, no one could have guessed that Atletico Madrid would have been disqualified from the knockout stages of the Champions League. Nevertheless, this is what happened!

The Rojiblancos were hosting Bayer Leverkusen. The clock showed the 97th minute and it was the last corner kick for the Spaniards. At first glance, nothing happened and the referee whistled for the end. However, VAR did see something and called Clément Turpin for a review. The Frenchman did watch the video and then called for a penalty in favor of Atletico after the match had ended!

It was the golden chance for a victory and a hope for a future in the competition. Yannick Carrasco took the shot but the Finnish international goalkeeper Lukáš Hrádecký had his own opinion on the subject. He saved the penalty, but it is what followed that sent the chills at the backs of the spectators. Two more attempts after the save came to the Spanish. And they lost them both…

Did VAR do what it was supposed to?

In this case, the problem was not VAR. According to the new rules about handballs, it was a penalty and it should have been called by the referee in the first place. It’s actually these new rules that create the issue under the need to score more goals, and under the notion that it is entertainment that is based on the ball ending up at the back of the net.

Under this mindset, it is of no use to speak either about destroying the magic moment or eliminating the means that were created to maintain fairness. VAR is just a tool that must enforce the rules. It’s the rules that need changing. Not the tool.

The bettors that go over the internet looking to register for an original betting account, need to know that VAR will correct the errors of the officials on the pitch. It makes no difference for them what rules are being enforced. What they care about is that they are enforced and not broken.