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The most Iconic athletes of all time: THE BLACK SPIDER

The most Iconic athletes of all time:  THE BLACK SPIDER

His nickname may make him sound like a pulp fiction hero (or villain) but he is one of the legends of football; meet Lev Ivanovich Yashin “THE BLACK SPIDER”, the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football! And speaking of legends, Join ACC-EX so you can get access to top-rated bookies around the world and open a betting account without limits right now to become a legend yourself!

Yashin was born in the city of Moscow, Russia, on October 22, 1929, and died of complications from stomach cancer on March 20, 1990. The goalkeeper saved 150 penalties and did not concede a single goal in 270 games during his career. He was also known for the pioneering spirit of acting outside the small area, anticipating high crosses and even stealing the attackers' ball.

Yashin has defended Moscow Dynamo for his entire 22-year career. Since 1949 in the team, the goalkeeper only achieved the title in 1953, remaining until 1958 without taking a single goal. In 1964, he was elected the best player in Europe by France Football, receiving the Golden Ball, and to this day he is the only goalkeeper to achieve this feat.

He played for the Soviet Union at 1958, 1962, 1966, and 1970 World Cups, being the only player in the country to have gone to four World Cups. With him, the USSR achieved two feats: the gold medal at the 1956 Olympics and the 1960 Euro title.


  • 812 career games
  • 326 games for Moscow Dynamo in the Soviet league
  • 78 games for the Soviet national team
  • 150 penalties saved
  • 270 games without a goal

These numbers are amazing, and the goalkeeper position was never the same after Yashin. The mentality, locomotion, and the very importance of the position increased largely due to the daring of the Soviet goalkeeper. The coldness was one of his main characteristics, which comes from the Black Spider ritual: every night before a game, he smoked cigarettes and took a few sips of vodka, in order to feel better on the field.

The goalkeeper's unanimity as the best ever can be shown in the fact that the magazines Italian FA, Placar, Venerdì - 100 Magnifici, Planete Foot, Voetbal International, and the A Tarde Newspaper put him as the best goalkeeper of the 20th century.

The black spider surely was one of the greatest legends the football fields have ever seen, and if you want to know even more legends of the history of sports, make sure to stay tuned to learn more about some of the greatest legends of the world of sports, check out our news section, and join ACC-EX in the amazing world of sports!