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The most Iconic athletes of all time: CARLOS VALDERRAMA

The most Iconic athletes of all time: CARLOS VALDERRAMA

With this article, we will start a new series about some of the legends in the world of Sports, and we will start with the Iconic Valderrama! And if you also want to be a legend, Join ACC-EX so you can get access to top-rated bookies around the world and open a betting account without limits right now!

Carlos Alberto Valderrama Palacio, or just Valderrama, is the eccentric ex-Colombian player who shone in the 80s and 90s. Valderrama was born in Santa Marta, Colombia on September 2, 1961, and is considered the best Colombian football player of all time.

The abundant blonde hair with curls and the charismatic mustache helped the captain of the national team of Colombia to make his presence felt, with a breathtaking football that looked opponents in the eye while guiding the ball with his slow and safe stride, he was a from the last “ten” to the South American old school.

He started his career at Unión Magdalena but soon aroused the interest of Millonarios de Bogotá, a Colombian colossus where he once played Di Stéfano, but it would be the next season at Deportivo de Cali - another great player in Colombia - who achieved fame and success, winning the award for best South American player football in 1987.

Going to Europe

Which such talent he soon caught the attention of the European teams, the first of which was the Montpellier. After the first season of adaptation, in the second year, he won a French Cup alongside players like Laurent Blanc and Eric Cantona and won a place in Montpellier's history.

A year later he moved to Real de Valladolid where he played alongside fellow countryman René Higuita and was coached by Francisco Maturana, Colombia's future coach.

From the Spanish period, despite the good performances with the white jersey, what everyone remembers is the famous incident with Michel in a game against Real Madrid. Michel adopted an unorthodox method of deconcentrating the Colombian star.

The image of a surprised Valderrama went around the world, and even today, when talking about Valderrama, one remembers Michel's surreptitious caress and astonished look from the Colombian star...

In the national team

But if Valderrama's career in Europe did not mark an era, the same cannot be said of his long stint with the Colombian national team. He helped the team to reach a world cup 28 years after their last appearance.

On the way to the United States 94, the boys from Maturana enchanted in the South American qualifying phase, and Valderrama was instrumental in the historic 0x5 victory in Buenos Aires over Argentina; the most humiliating defeat in the history of Argentina.

Valderrama would still play France again in 1998, but again Colombia stayed in the initial phase, despite the whole class of “el Pibe”. After finishing his career in the national team and in Colombia, he also went to MLS - the North American championship - where he was voted the best player of the competition by the fans twice.

Hardly a person who likes football has not heard of the midfielder who had his vast hair as his main brand. Besides, of course, enchanting on the lawns with his technical and skillful game.
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