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The most Iconic athletes of all time: Biro-Biro

The most Iconic athletes of all time:  Biro-Biro

Antônio José da Silva Filho, better known as Biro-Biro, (Olinda, May 18, 1959) is a former Brazilian footballer who played as a midfielder, is considered one of the greatest idols in the history of Corinthians, playing in over 590 games and scoring 75 goals for the team.

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When Sport Recife arrived at Corinthians, president Vicente Matheus introduced him saying that he had hired some guy called “Lero-Lero”. He was a mix of Pelé, Cruyff, and Ademir da Guia, he drove the fans crazy with his manly and elegant demeanor, a Cristiano Ronaldo with a Rivelino mustache, Beckham's eyes, a lion's thighs, and hair like Falcão.

Biro-Biro soon stood out for his versatility, since he played as a midfielder and even a striker on several occasions, having the opportunity to score more than 70 goals for Corinthians, many of them important, as the finals of the Campeonato Paulista of 1982 for example.

In addition to his history as a player, Biro-Biro also joins the history of Corinthians for being part of and being an important part of the so famous “Democracia Corinthiana” (Corinthian Democracy) along with Sócrates, Casagrande, Wladimir, and others.

A curious fact is that when he arrived at Parque São Jorge it was a time for the election for the senate and a lot of voters choose to “elect” him by writing his name on the ballot, even though he was not a candidate for anything. Years later, in 1988, Biro-Biro was actually a candidate for councilor in the city of São Paulo and, once again, he was elected.

Even after his departure from Corinthians, Biro-Biro remained very dear to all Corinthians fans and is still remembered by everyone who saw him play for his grace and total delivery on the field and also for his curly blond hair, which gave him striking looks.

Biro-Biro, Lero-Lero... Whatever you call him, he is still one of the most beloved and charismatic players in the history of Corinthians and will always be remembered and honored by football fans in Brazil. If you want to know even more about the greatest legends of the history of sports, make sure to stay tuned, check out our news section, and join ACC-EX in the amazing world of sports!