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The History of eSports Part 1

The History of eSports Part 1

Videogames have been entertaining the masses for over half a century and in the later years, they have reached heights never imagined before. Esports have been becoming more and more popular each day and today we will start a journey to see how this all started in the first place. And of course, you can join us in the world of eSports betting in the best way possible if you register with the best betting services, ACC-EX.

The 50s: The Dawn of Computers

Competitive gaming can have its early days traced all the way back to 1952. Way back then, in the University of Cambridge, a scientist named Alexander Shafto Douglas was working on his PhD thesis on the interaction computers and human beings. Douglas then had an idea, he would turn the game  "Tic-Tac-Toe" into a computer game. However, at the time humans could only play against the computer and determine who began the game.

However, the first “real” multiplayer game only came in 1958 and it was named "Tennis for Two". It allowed two people to play against each other and used an early form of the joystick, which the players used to hit the ball over the net and adjust the trajectory. Many people consider this little game to be the birth of eSports.

The 60s: The First Computer Game

A couple of years later what some consider to be the first digital computer game was born. The game in question is "Spacewar!" written by  Steve Russel with the help of colleagues Martin Graetz and Wayne Wiitanen on a PDP-10 computer in 1962. The game consisted of two players, each one controlling one spaceship, playing against each other. One interesting point is that the spaceships limited supplies of fuel and ammunition, and had to account for the gravitational field of the planet, which was a great conceptual innovation for the time.

"Spacewar!" is considered to be the world's first digital computer game and it was named as one of the top ten computer games of all time by the New York Times.

The 70s: The Rise of Arcades and Home Consoles

"Spacewar!" would make history once again one decade later when the first eSports event was held in October of 1972 when students at Stamford University competed against each other in Spacewar for the grand prize of a year-long subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine.

Then in 1972 came the "Magnavox Odyssey", which was the first console that could be connected to a television set. It was still very cumbersome, all it did was play, the field had to be stuck in the form of a template on the television screen,  however, this console made digital playing available to the masses. Arcades also saw a rise during this period and presented to the general population game machines like Pong. The true competition spirit came with the introduction of permanent high scores.

In 1979 came two machines that allowed gamers to carve their names in a permanent high score list for the first time using an abbreviation or nickname. At the time, only a few machines provided the option of playing against each other, so, these lists became the measuring rod of playing ability between kids and teens of the 70s. With the launch of Space Invaders, Atari created the foundation for the world's first major eSports tournament in 1978. The Classic Space Invaders was played by more than ten thousand gamers, competing to win a version of "Asteroids" at the "Space Invaders Championships" and on the October 10/10/1980 a gamer by the name of William Salvador Heineman was crowned winner of the Challenge, thus becoming the first winner of a national video game competition.

This concludes our voyage for now, and next time we will take a look at the story of esports from the 90s to the troubled times we are living now when they are thriving in the middle of adversity. And if you want to enter into the world of eSports betting with us we can help you take advantage of the best odds and offers from the best European bookmakers via best betting services, ACC-EX. So, what are you waiting for?