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The future of PSG star Neymar in football is uncertain

The future of PSG star Neymar in football is uncertain

During their Sunday encounter against Lyon, PSG’s star Neymar was once again fouled. Luckily for him, he avoided a serious injury this time around, however, he remains one of the players in Europe that is most consistently fouled. 

The world of football held its breath as Neymar left the pitch in tears on a stretcher. He was, again, a victim of his own talent, which makes it so interesting to watch any game he plays. Thiago Mendes had been challenging him relentlessly the whole time, resulting in him collapsing, clutching his ankle. Obviously, he was in pain hiding his face from the cameras. This time, it was not a mere act (as he has been frequently accused of). For the third time in four seasons, it seemed that Neymar had sustained a serious injury that could exclude him from the crucial spring period of the campaign.

The initial scan results seemed to be negative as nothing serious was detected. PSG are hoping that Neymar will be back in a few weeks to play in the derby against Barcelona for their Champions League title campaign in February.

The news that any permanent damage was avoided was a big relief for those who appreciate his free play style. It’s his controversial behaviour on the pitch which may mean that he may never be universally celebrated as a legendary footballer.

Sunday’s incident at Parc des Princes should also serve as a warning for the way Neymar is currently being treated on the field. It leaves him vulnerable and at risk.

Neymar Senior expressed himself on Instagram about this incident:

"… how much longer? We've talked so much about it, we've pointed out the excessive violence. Why not stop it at the beginning, with the first foul, why wait for the seventh, eighth, ninth foul? We are not taking the necessary measures throughout the whole game, where Neymar suffered the usual rotation of fouls, and always violent ones. This encourages these types of players and attitudes. If this sort of thing is allowed to continue, football will really lose a lot. FOR HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THE VICTIM BE THE ONE AT FAULT?”

Football lovers acknowledge that he is right. Statistics confirm that Neymar is one of the few players to be treated with so much harshness. On average, they show that Neymar is fouled every 18.3 minutes which is too frequent.

Neymar has been the victim of 25% more fouls than any other player in the group stages of Europe’s premier club competition according to Opta’s figures. He was infringed upon 24 times in five outings which shows that this issue cannot be dismissed as only a Ligue 1 problem. Football should pay tribute to players who can easily bring excitement and flare to matches. Even if there is a certain degree of physicality, victims like Neymar must be protected. They are the ones that can help you make money while enjoying a match, simply by opening a betting account at original bookmakers and becoming a part of the wining team.