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The fans clamor at goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin's skill

The fans clamor at goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin's skill

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the skill displayed by their favorite team’s players, chanting and making ovations for them, yet, as the tensions due to Russia’s war in Ukraine begin to permeate into the sports world, the matter has inadvertently become a controversial one. Would he be able to continue? That is the question that fans all over the world have in their minds. An answer is of the highest importance, especially for those that have original accounts at all the major bookmakers and need to state updated before making big profits.

The International Ice Hockey Federation has banned national team players from Russia and Belarusian from participating in their competitions; as well as stripping Russia from their hosting duties for the 2023 world junior tournament and men’s world championship. In fact, the National Hockey League won’t consider holding future

However, the NHL never considered a ban like the one imposed on the Wimbledon, and individual players either born in the former Soviet Union or the Russian Federation have kept playing as usual.

The fans clamor

The crowd at Madison Square Garden chanted in excitement goaltender Igor Shesterkin's name in the final moments of a playoff victory. He who has always been able to move the crowd due to his skill, just recently made 36 saves when The New York Rangers defeated the Carolina Hurrinacanes 6-2 in Game 7. Forward Chris Kreider said “obviously, our goaltender was once again our best player,”

Something similar happened a few months back when Washington Capitals fans chanted Captain Alex Ovechkin’s nickname after the cap scored the third goal of the game during the teams match against the Carolina Hurricanes; which was also his 33d goal of the season.

The controversy

Some wanted to remind the public that players such as Ovechkin have had close ties with President Vladimir Putin. On this Brendan Dwyer, director of research and distance learning at the Center for Sport Leadership at the Virginia Commonwealth, said that "Putin puts these athletes on a pedestal more than soccer, more than tennis," He also added: "The one thing I continue to say is how important sports are for this regime. It goes back beyond this regime to communism, in general, and the USSR and the way they utilize sport as a way to show power internationally and hockey more so than any other sport."

The situation is a delicate one since many other figures have started to echo such remarks and claim the sanctions should be implemented as soon as possible. However, NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, said in a recent interview with The Associated Press “Everybody's doing the best they can under incredibly trying circumstances. [...] Our players play for their NHL teams, no matter where they're from. At this particular point in time, the Russian players are in an impossible situation.”

The NHL said in an official statement that it had concerns about the well-being of Russian players "We understand they and their families are being placed in an extremely difficult position."

While some think that bans such as the one established by the All England Land Tennis Club should be the norm, others have made the case that individual players have little to do with the matter, and shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of the actions executed by the government of their homelands. It is unlikely that such bans are implemented so late in the season, and fortunately, bettors can still support their favorite teams and players while enjoying the thrills of wagering. Therefore, we advise you register for an original betting account as soon as possible and enjoy the great action only Hockey can provide, alongside the probabilities of getting hefty payouts.