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The Biggest Draft Steals in NBA History

The Biggest Draft Steals in NBA History

Dating back to 1947, NBA Draft is practiced in every June and All NBA teams participate in this annual event. Teams draft players from a pool. The players who are eligible to be a participant in this pool are mostly college basketball players in USA; however, many international players join the Draft every year. NBA draft has a lottery system, in which the team who holds the worst record in the previous season has the highest chance to hold the first pick. This year, New Orleans Pelicans had the first pick and they obviously drafted the next big thing: Zion Williamson. While Pelicans made no surprise by drafting Zion, many teams in the draft history failed to evaluate their choices, which caused them championships, dynasties, and even the end of their franchises. In this article, we will list down the biggest draft steals in NBA History. Although NBA is in offseason at the moment, FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 is the most expected tournament of the basketball bettors at the moment. For your basketball bets, you can always open original bet365 account via betting broker.

Karl Malone:

The Mailman never fails to deliver but teams failed to recognize the talent of one of the greatest power-forwards in the history. Utah Jazz was the team that drafted Malone with the 13th pick of 1985 Draft. He has 14 All Star and 11 All NBA first team selection, two MVPs. Furthermore, he is at the second spot in all time points list. While he was always criticized for not bringing a championship to his city, it shouldn’t be forgotten that he faced the G.O.A.T. Clearly it was one of biggest steals and Jazz fans still thanks their front office every day.

John Stockton:

Stockton is another player who were drafted by Jazz and never won a championship in his career. Jazz drafted Stockton with the 16th pick of 1984 draft. Stockton & Malone duo dominated the Western Conference for years, but they never won a championship. However, Stockton also has had a great career. When all was said and done, Stockton was holding the first place for all time assists and steals.

Kobe Bryant:

Kobe “Bean” Bryant, the greatest Laker of All Time was in fact drafted by Charlotte with 13th pick of 1996 Draft. Then he was traded to Lakers, where he would win 5 championships, 2 Finals MVPs, 1 MVP and many other great accolades. Black Mamba was the biggest steal of 90’s for sure.

Manu Ginobili: 

While Ginobili might not have the same amount of individual achievements, he was the part of the Spurs dynasty for years. The trio of Duncan – Parker – Ginobili won 3 championships together. The fact that he was drafted with the second-to-last pick is hilarious. He is clearly one of the greatest international players ever played in NBA and this was a great steal for the Spurs.