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The 5 Most Intense Sports in the Ancient World

The 5 Most Intense Sports in the Ancient World

It is safe to say that few people today could endure the most intense sports in the ancient world. Although today we have our fair share of intense sports, in the past, people really couldn't resist. Of course, today, people normally don't lose their lives playing football, and most of these events would be banned in the blink of an eye, but it is always good to know some history, so we bring you 5 of the most intense sports in the ancient world.

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Mob football

Basically, street football with no limit on players. In England, starting in the 14th century, this sport became very common, and a crowd had to simply take the ball - made of pig's bladder - to their village. There were usually no restrictions as to team sizes, or ball handling. The matches usually lasted for an entire day, with many players dropping out due to fatigue or injuries. Many injuries were common and sometimes even death came to the unfortunate peasants who only wanted to have a good time.

Purpecha da Pelota

Basically, field hockey on fire, this traditional Mesoamerican sport used a flaming puck.  The game is played on a court of 120 meters in width by 8 meters of anchor and faces that of the teams, with six players using wooden sticks similar to hockey sticks, and the purpose of the game is to take the ball to the opposing team’s goal.

Recently it has begun to make a comeback since the Mexican government is pushing to revive the sport.

Pato Argentino

The official sport of Argentina, the game of Pato was originally played with a live duck, although after many government interventions, participants now use a ball instead. With the players on horseback, it is a kind of a cross between polo and basketball, the goal is to take the ball to your side. Nowadays it is not as violent as it used to be.


This sport, of Turkish origin, which appeared in a period between the 10th and 15th centuries, is on the list of the most violent games that still have fans. Although you won’t be able to bet on this ancient sport, you can still have a chance to bet on horse racing via an original betfair.com account without limits. Make sure to open an account and get started!

The basic objective of the dispute, made with men on horseback with a whip, is to drag a goat carcass through a field until it is inside a circle drawn on the ground. For this, players can use their whips to ward off enemy horses. The rule says that you can't beat the horsemen, but obviously, in the middle of all that confusion, there is no shortage of people being whipped.


This sport was nothing close to being safe. Two horsemen would face against each other, wearing heavy armor, and wielding a large spear and shield. The goal was to take the opponent down. Although there was no ridiculously high death rate, knocking your opponent off his horse using a 10-foot pole definitely qualifies as hardcore.

That was a nice ride through history, and if you want to always be well informed about the world of sports throughout all ages make sure to stay tuned to learn more about the greatest legends of the world of sports, check out our news section, and join ACC-EX in the amazing world of sports!