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Six Nations Championship: A prelude to the World Cup?

Six Nations Championship: A prelude to the World Cup?

Here’s a sport that’s been gradually gaining popularity: Rugby. The matches are fast-paced and filled with action. Its next World Cup is scheduled to be held next year. However, it would seem that the results of this year’s Six Nation Championship, show that we might be about to witness history in the making, if the champions continue down the same road. They are so impressive that all the top betting establishments are adjusting their offers to keep up. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to open an original betting account via agent. .

A tournament full of prizes

One of the particularities of the Six Nations Championship was the sheer number of different awards and titles that were contested for:

  • The Championship Cup for the winners of the tournament as per the total points accumulated
  • The Grand Slam to the team that managed to defeat all other contestants
  • The Triple Crown for the team from the “Home Nations” (Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales) that beat the other three
  • The Calcutta Cup between England and Scotland
  • The Millennium Trophy between England and Ireland
  • The Centenary Quaich between Ireland and Scotland
  • The Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy between France and Italy
  • The Auld Alliance Trophy between France and Scotland
  • The Doddie Weir Cup between Scotland and Wales
  • The Cuttitta Cup between Italy and Scotland

For the history records

The did not manage to receive any awards. They only managed to stop a 36-match losing streak by defeating the defending champions Wales. It was their first win over a Tier 1 nation since 2016.

They barely managed to get their hands on the Doddie Weir Cup.

The highlanders performed respectably, acquiring the Cuttitta and the Calcutta Cups, thanks to their victories over England and Wales.

The undisputed leaders of the island. They finished second in the total standings and acquired the Triple Crown, the Millennium Trophy and the Centenary Quaich.

Their performance can only be regarded as an abject failure. The champions of two editions ago did not manage to win anything.

The seemingly unstoppable title-holders

We are of course talking about France. They had been strong contenders for the previous two editions and this time they managed to line up all the aspects of their game perfectly, to claim the first title since their achievement back in 2010. They were also awarded their first Grand Slam in over 12 years, the Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Auld Alliance Trophies.

The French team seems to be in perfect shape: an almost impenetrable defense, powerful and consistent forwards, talented backs and an exceptional team work. A great prospect for the Rugby World Cup next year, especially considering that their country will host the event, meaning that they will also have the home field advantage.

While it is still too early to predict them as victors, the aforementioned advantages and the growth Les Bleus have been constantly experiencing in the last quadrennial, places them to the pedestal of grand favorites. That is precisely why you need to register for an original betting account with no restriction .