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Richard Riakporhe’s blood boiling with anticipation

Richard Riakporhe’s blood boiling with anticipation

The British fighter often referred as “The Midnight Train” can barely keep his blood from boiling, as he announced that he was seeking a fight between himself and Lawrence Okolie. As possibilities abound, it’s necessary to have as many options available, therefore check out some of the original accounts at all the major bookmakers you can get for yourself before the fight.

The rising berserker

The cruiserweight fighter has had fifteen fights in total and hasn’t been defeated yet. Of his last fight back in march 2022 against Deion Jumah, The Midnigh Train floored his opponent by means of a hit straight to the body, gaining thus even more fame, and earning more and more of a reputation, as the fighter has defeated eleven of his opponents by knockout and has truly begun to spark fear in the hearts of the competition.

And now, he is looking for something a little more challenging, as he made clear when he said "I'm confident, comfortable in front of certain fighter no matter how dangerous they are. I believe in myself. I believe in my power. So I'm in that position now, mentally and physically, I'm ready for a challenge. I'm ready for a test."

Tough opposition

The opponent that Riakporhe’s is looking after is no joke at all, in fact, Lawrence Okolie has fought three more times than he has, for a total of eighteen fights, fourteen of which he has won by delivering a knockout. So, it could very well be that he is trying to bite more than he can chew. In his last bout, “The Sauce” defended his world title against Michael Cieślak, where he won through a unanimous decision victory; in the fight he displayed a series of rabbit punches and grappling strategies.

About any and all who dare challenge him, Okolie said "It's my heart, it's my will. It's the adversities that I had to overcome to get to where I am now. That's what you should be more worried about. Not the punch power. Because you can't train for that.” And he added "These guys are not on my level. That's the truth. I will smoke them. Honestly, I'm very serious about that."

Things are still in the planning phase, if it does get to happen, however, it is bound to be a fight amongst titans; two unbeaten fighters will have to deliver punishment until one of them is no longer able to call himself undefeated. In the meantime go and open an original betting account via agent in preparation for the clash.