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Ngannou 'snatches another head' for his collection, destroys Miocic, and becomes the UFC Heavyweight Champion

Ngannou 'snatches another head' for his collection, destroys Miocic, and becomes the UFC Heavyweight Champion

There is no longer any contest for the title of the UFC heavyweight champion. It took five knockout victories in a combined time of 2m 42s, for Francis Ngannou to prove at UFC 260 why he is the most feared fighter today. The fifth and final victory was achieved against Stipe Miocic. The Cameroonian had total superiority over the former champion. A superiority that resulted in a beautiful knockout blow after just 52 seconds in the second round.

The first African UFC heavyweight champion joins the likes of Kamaru Usman and Israel Adesanya on the list of African fighters holding UFC belts. However, Ngannou did not only get the title. He also received a nifty profit along with it, a piece of which you get yourselves if you sign up for an original account without limits.

The fight

The first round began with Ngannou taking a cautious attacking initiative, while Miocic moved around and tried to avoid being cornered by his rival. The critical instance came when the champion tried to grab the Cameroonian's legs. Ngannou resisted and countered with a series of blows to the champion, who took the punishment and got back up onto his feet. The Predator kept calm and scored more points by kicking Stone Cold’s legs just before the break.

Both rivals kept the same strategy at the beginning of the second round. The American champion relied on his speed and motion while the Cameroonian relied on his calm and clear approach. The clock marked the 52nd second when Ngannou landed a direct hit with his left that threw Miotic off balance, to finish the job with another left blow that knocked the former champion out.

The new champion has already been challenged to defend his title by Jon Jones. A challenge that he accepted. The event is to be organized either in July or in August. So, stay tuned to our news section. We will definitely bring you up to date with the follow-up.