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Neymar's Spicy Response to Kimmich and his PSG Renewal

Neymar's Spicy Response to Kimmich and his PSG Renewal

It was a closely fought battle of the trenches. At the end of it Paris Saint Germaine emerged victorious and qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League eliminating the reigning champions Bayern Munich. Neymar anticipated the outcome and at the end of the second leg he celebrated the success. However, he denied that there was any provocation to Kimmich. Now, the odds for the semis and the finals will change. Get an original Betfair account through our exclusive service, and check out your profit margins.

Explaining the incident

 Neymar via ACC-EX

When the referee blew his whistle for the last time, Neymar began celebrating in front of Kimmich. The picture could be interpreted as an intended insult to the Bayern player, who had said the day before, that Bayern would continue to the semi-finals because they are a better team. His statements at an interview for TNT tried to explain what happened:

"It's funny because I didn't even celebrate to mess with him, it was more with Leo and I ended up celebrating with him. It was fate that put me close to [Kimmich]. He said that their team was better, that they would win. He was sure that they would go to the semifinals. You can have possession as much as you like. You can sing for a woman all night long, but if a guy comes and takes her from you in 5 minutes, she's gone.”

For the record, PSG lost the second leg by 0-1 to the Germans. However, they qualified because they had won the first leg by 2-3 at the Allianz Arena.

Will he stay with PSG?

 Neymar Renewal via ACC-EX

Inevitably, the interview included the possible renewal of his contract with PSG. The striker confirmed that he will stay at the French club, however, he did not disclose any details about the negotiation. The current agreement ends in June 2022 and, according to him, it is no longer a subject for discussion. He feels very comfortable, almost at home, and happier than before. It is probably due to this change of conditions that have allowed him to begin playing better and showing what he can do.

One thing is certain. PSG’s opponents in the semis will be Manchester City. Two more matches of intense pitched battle that everyone expects. As always we will keep you updated with all the details so stay tuned at our news section.