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Most Memorable Parts from The Last Dance Documentary

Most Memorable Parts from The Last Dance Documentary

The Last Dance, offers important sections from the story of Chicago Bulls’ 6th championship campaign with its legendary roster and the life of Michael Jordan who is considered to be the best player in basketball history. The series ended with breaking some records; it has achieved the record of the most watched documentary in ESPN history. The rating for the opening episode was 6.3 million and the average rating of 10 episodes was 5.6 million viewers. While you wait for basketball games to return, register for an original Pinnacle account and start betting in the new world of eSports!

Episode 1: Here in the first episode, Michael Jordan’s college days and first NBA days are often told with flashbacks. Bulls was participating in a preparatory tournament in Paris with General Manager Jerry Krause, who served between 1985-2003 and had tensions with Jordan and Pippen. With all the focus of attention on Michael Jordan, the newspaper L'equipe reflected the excitement with the headline "Bigger than the Pope".

Episode 2: As Jordan suffers the hardest injury in his career and misses 64 games, Bulls management's concerns are raised about MJ in this episode, while he is pushing with his all power to play.

Episode 3: In this episode, we witnessed how the NBA's Detroit Pistons, known as "Bad Boys" in the early 80s and 90s, had a hard fight with Bulls and Jordan. While Pistons disrupted Jordan's balance with their defense strategy called Jordan Rules, Air Jordan did not hide his hatred for his rivals.

Episode 4: This episode was devoted to one of the remarkable names of the documentary, Phil Jackson. You can see the depth of the coach's balance between the managers and the players and the 'triangular attack' tactics.

The Bulls, who lost 2 consecutive finals to Pistons, finally knocked down its opponent. After the game Pistons leaving the field without congratulating Bulls is scraped in our memories.

Episode 5: In this episode, Kobe Bryant, who stricken the sports community with his tragic death, seemed to prove with his words what kind of icon Jordan was. These two players are often compared as you know. We see the first starting point of the Air Jordan brand, which shapes not only basketball but also street fashion.

While the best team of the United States has participated in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, Isiah Thomas, who is in a bad odor with many names in the team, was not examined in this episode. With the victory of the 'Dream Team', you can see how Jordan turned into a worldwide cultural icon.

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Episode 6: Jordan, who bet on golf with serious amounts of money, was thoroughly examined by the media of those times. The legendary basketball player, whose reputation is damaged due to his gambling habit, keeps himself away from the media for a while and tells that he only played for fun.

Episode 7: Jordan, who lost his father, whom he said was "the rock I leaned on my back," with a tragic death, decided to retire after murder speculations associated with the gambling habit.

While the Chicago Bulls’ wind continues in the NBA, MJ and his friends overthrew the Phoenix Suns in the ‘93 finals, wearing the third championship rings in a row.

We witnessed Jordan’s great depression and his baseball career in this episode. In the absence of Jordan, Scottie Pippen is the name that steers the Bulls.

Episode 8: Michael's return to the courts after 21 months since his last NBA match brings excitement to the city. The play-off defeat in 1995 encourages him to work harder than ever to bring him to the top again and he reaches victory for the fourth time in 6 years.

Episode 9: Bulls, who want to maintain their domination in basketball, face the tough resistance of the Utah Jazz in 1997 and Indiana Pacers in 1998.

Episode 10: Physically and mentally worn out Bulls perform their 'Last Dance' against the Utah Jazz. So, with this the legendary squad that took their sixth consecutive championship, falls apart.

So why was the most memorable squad in NBA history disbanded, why did the club go to a new structure? Here in the last minutes of the series, the management, administrative staff and the stars of the court express their answer from their own views. If you are interested in more articles like this then check out our news section to read weekly stories!