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Mesut Özil: The unexpected move to Fenerbahçe – Behind the scenes

Mesut Özil: The unexpected move to Fenerbahçe – Behind the scenes

Over 300,000 people (312,676 to be exact) tracked flight KOC 10 from Luton, England to Istanbul, Turkey, last Sunday as it carried Mesut Özil on a trip to finalize the deal that would make him a Turkish Yellow Canary (there are also the British Yellow Canaries of Leeds United). Upon his arrival, he was greeted only by the airport staff instead of the usual masses of fans (as happens when great footballers join up teams anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea) due to the COVID-19 protocols.

The signature of the 32-yeard-old playmaker created a huge buzz globally. Rumor had it that his most likely destination was the United States, where he would have been probably received a much more lucrative contract by D.C. United. However, the 92-time German international listened to his heart and wanted to spend the rest of his career in the club he supported as a German-born son of Turkish immigrants.

The transfer was finalized on January 17, 2021. Özil agreed to forgo the remaining 7.9 million Euros stipulated on his contract with the Gunners and end it prematurely, to sign with Fenerbahçe as a free agent for the next 2.5 years. Through this move, the Yellow Canaries expect to put an end to their 7-year long title drought and resume winning championships, adding to the 19 that they have won up to now.

It is highly likely that the odds will change in their favor now that der Rabe has worn the yellow-navy blue shirt. Therefore, we suggest that you hurry up, sign up for an original betting account, and place your outright bets now!

However, it would be noteworthy to discuss how a prominent figure of this magnitude was excluded from the roster of his former club and seek out a new career elsewhere.

Mesut Özil at Arsenal
The decline

Özil has not stepped on the pitch since March 2020, even though he did not suffer any significant injuries. The reasons given for his sidelining by Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta were that his playstyle did not translate into the fast-paced football that is now the standard for all box-to-box midfielders in recent years, and that he did not fit into the hard-pressing tactics that Arteta adopted from the get-go.

That’s the tip of the iceberg as the problem traces back to Arsène Wenger during an era where the fans protested his presence as a manager and wanted him to go.  Signing a £350,000-a-week contract in 2018, actually indulging the German star player, just a few months before he finally left the club, marked the first stone in the decline of Özil’s career.

After Unai Emery took over as head coach of Arsenal, the Raven lost the preferential treatment he had. He was clearly unhappy about it and it became evident even in the locker room. The result was a reduction in Özil’s minutes on the pitch as well as his stats. Once the best playmaker in the world, he failed to perform according to his skill and level of remuneration because of his psychological condition. At the same time and due to his decline, the Gunners hit rock bottom, leading to Emery’s dismissal. The position was temporarily filled by Ljungberg until Mikel Arteta took over the job, marking the end of Özil’s career at the Emirates.

A new chapter

Still, at the age of 32, Mesut had a lot to give and he was looking for the next step in his career. While there has been a number of proposals, he chose to set a course for his parent’s homeland. A lot of gossips was spawned for the reasons behind this decision. Most of it pertains to political wrangling, which is beyond the scope of this article. What matters is that it dropped a bomb on sports and betting news.

There’s only one question of consequence that requires a response: Did Mesut come to Turkey to write an epic conclusion to his saga, or will he slowly head to honorable retirement playing for one of the teams based in one of the world’s greatest cities? Only time will tell…