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Mason Greenwood. A story with a lot of questions

Mason Greenwood. A story with a lot of questions

In 2005 he was considered as one of the most promising prospects of British football. When he joined the ranks of the Red Devils everyone considered that he was on the way to greatness. And then came the entanglements with the law, his sidelining from the club and the certainty that he was on the fast track to obscurity. However, it seems that things for Mason Greenwood are not what they seem. Assuming that his personal life is back on track, the burning question becomes how much damage has he suffered on his career. Can he be back under the same provisions as he was before it all begun? A prodigy that could influence the way that all the parts of the original betting chain see matches where he participates?

A story full of questions

It all begun on January 30 2022. Harriet Robson filed a complaint that her boyfriend at the time, Mason Greenwood, assault, abused and raped her. She also released photographs proving the claims and completed the accusations by adding the use of verbal threats against her life. The authorities arrested the alleged perpetrator, who further received a court order restraining him from approaching the victim. Things took a turn for the worse when on Oct 15, Greenwood violated the restrictions and attempted to contact the victim, just 2 days before his scheduled appearance in court.

As a result of the above, Manchester United and the English National Team excluded Mason Greenwood from all of their activities until the issue was judicially resolved. Nike also dropped the sponsoring contract that they had with the footballer. However, he was still entitled to the 350,000 Euros per month that represented his salary and the payments were promptly made.

The complete reversal

Everyone waited the verdict and the punishment. And then, suddenly, on Thursday March 23, 2023, there came the shocking announcement. All charges against Mason Greenwood were dropped, there is to be a marriage ceremony between him and Harriet Robson, who is already pregnant with his child. However, it doesn’t seem to be this easy about his return on active duty. Coach Den Haag wants to hold a vote amongst the other Red Devils on whether to accept him back or not.

For the simple folks, all is well if it ends well. But for those that just don’t want to stick to the surface, there’s a host of questions. Obviously there has been more than one violation of the restrictions (a new crime according to the law) that led to the impregnation, the marriage proposal and the arrangements for tying the knot. While all the rest could be a matter of negotiations between the lawyers (doubtful), the same could not be claimed about the impregnation itself. And if things between the couple led to this result, who is to say that all of it wasn’t a publicity stunt gone wrong? Who is to say that the whole thing was not just a domestic dispute blown completely out of proportion?

Is he still a footballer?

Mason Greenwood hasn’t appeared on the pitch for more than a year. We all know how much can such an absence affect the performance. Yes, he is still young and can recover as an athlete. But can he ever recover from the stain of the story? Will he be accepted back to the ranks of his club? If not, will there be another team to sign him up into their roster?

Here are some more parameters to consider. Would he be a decisive addition to Manchester United’s roster? After a rocky start they seem to be settling down and rolling well as a team without him. People still want to open original betting accounts via agent to place bets on their success. They seem to have found a balance that would probably be upset if Greenwood would be added to the mix. So, the question gets extended from will he to should he. And that’s a question that only Ten Hag can answer.