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Marty McFly where is your Delorean?

Marty McFly where is your Delorean?

Who doesn’t remember the famous Back to the Future trilogy and Marty McFly? If you don’t we suggest that you watch the movies especially the sequel where the cars no longer roll on ground. The featured image of the imaginary flying Delorean is becoming a reality! Yes, you read it correctly! Suzuki announced lately that it has signed an agreement with the other Japanese giant SkyDrive, with the objective of designing the first flying vehicles! Here is a piece of news for those with original betting account that want to wager on non-sporting events.


The company was established in 2018 and designs, builds and develops crafts capable of taking off and landing vertically for the purpose of transferring cargo. It recently released a prototype for a possible passenger vehicle that affords this exact VTOL ability, designated as SD-03. The first flight tests have been quite successful and the project is now ready to proceed to the next stage that involves the release of flying taxies by 2025, initially in the city of Osaka in Japan.

The Suzuki Part

The scope of the cooperation between the two companies is the sharing of technological aspects in the development, as well as marketing and promoting the product so that it becomes a staple of daily life. The portal to the actual market is the contribution of the far more famous brand name behind regular cards, motorcycles and outboard engines. In fact, the marketing plan will begin in India where Suzuki’s environmental initiatives will also be put to the test.

While it is clearly a long term project that does not involve just the design and the release of flying cars, should it prove a success, then we will probably witness the famous Marty McFly – Doc Brown scene in a real life setting in front of our eyes. Are you eager for the prospect? Then register for an original betting account right now and start betting on when it will happen! Who knows? Maybe the next project will also include self-drying jackets and auto expanding pizzas in hydrating microwave ovens!