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Manny Pacquiao Could Retire, but his Legacy is Everlasting

Manny Pacquiao Could Retire, but his Legacy is Everlasting

After Saturday night fight (August 21st), Manny Pacquiao sat in front of the media with sunglasses covering his freshly beaten face. The sunglasses help Pacquiao prevent his gaze from being detected; despite the shades, he cannot evade the question he knows he is facing. A question that he may not answer by himself.

Is this the end of a legend?

Yordenis Ugás could have helped bringing some clarity to his answer, as he scored a clear victory over Pacquiao on Saturday night. Two years ago, when Pacquiao won his fourth world title at 147 pounds against Keith Thurman, the story was different.

However, against Ugás, Pacquiao was slow, with his feet and his hands alike. He looked old; his blows lacked force. The move that turned Pacquiao into legend is gone. How could he not do it after 77 pro fights? How could he not do it when he is close to his 43rd birthday?

That final decision about his future as a fighter, Pacquiao says, will come another day. In fact, Pacquiao is facing many important decisions; for example, he is over a presidential race in the Philippines, where he is already a senator. Nevertheless, his thoughts are on boxing at the moment; the sport that he has devoted most of his life to.

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The legacy of Pac-man

Despite Saturday's result, his legacy is as secure as it has been for a long time. Pacquiao's history is replete with unforgettable triumphs over other boxing legends in recent decades. A pivotal victory over Marco Antonio Barrera sealed his arrival as a true superstar in 2003. He defeated Barrera again four years later to accompany two victories over the great Erik Morales.

He beat Juan Manuel Márquez twice, with whom he met four times; he also beat Oscar de La Hoya (there was no title at stake), Miguel Cotto, and Ricky Hatton in 2009; he achieved an overwhelming victory over Antonio Margarito in 2010 and Adrián Boner a couple of years ago. If you witnessed any of these fights, you cannot miss future boxing events in the best bookmakers. So, hurry up and open an original Betfair account through our exclusive betting service.

Despite all his accolades and distinctive victories, Pacquiao will always face one man and one man only: Floyd Mayweather. In 2015, he faced “Money” for the WBO, WBA, WBC, and The Ring welterweight belts, but he was defeated by a unanimous decision.

Recent years

In April 2016, Pacquiao announced his retirement. Yet, last Saturday night and more than five years later, he was there. But this time, after losing to Ugás, it seems that the end is near.

If this is really what happens, the boxing world will miss Pacquiao, a fighter who has evolved in many ways over the years. It wasn't just the brutality he displayed in the ring; it was the way he juxtaposed that violence with laid-back demeanor and a perpetual smile outside the ring.

Perhaps there has never been a fighter so loved in the entire world. Even Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson had many detractors during their heyday. But not Pacquiao, a man with a golden smile one second and a sweeping punch the next one.

So, if this is really the end, goodbye, Manny Pacquiao. You made boxing fun. You made boxing great. You made boxing inspiring. If you are passionate about boxing, visit our section dedicated to highly specialized bookmakers and select the one that best suits your betting needs on boxing. Our customer support team will give you all the help you need to enjoy the world of betting without restrictions.