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Manchester City’s bids for Cucurella rejected once more

Manchester City’s bids for Cucurella rejected once more

The young Spaniard footballer Marc Cucurella has had quite the successful first season this year, and he has been eyed by many in the industry so far. It’s time to discuss a few points relating why the deal didn’t happen. That way, you will arrive to your own conclusions, one of which will probably be to check the original betting accounts via agent so that you can place your bets successfully.

The bid

After joining Brighton last year in a fifteen million pounds bid, one would think that a thirty million pounds offer would be more than appealing, after all, they would be getting double of what they paid for the young 23 year old player. However the Seagulls seem to have a different appreciation of the Spanish left-back, as their valuation of Cucurella is fifty million pounds.

Why the deal didn’t happen?

An important factor at play in the equation is that Brighton simply don’t want him to go, especially since they still have around four years left in their contract with him; so only a… more significant offer in their eyes would be able to move them to sell. Especially since he has made such a big impact, as he is quite strong on the defense, and also has a good hold of the ball when playing offensively, a level of flexibility very difficult to find in most players.

Why Manchester City wanted him?

Pepe Guardiola holds the youngster in quite high regard; especially since his team was lacking on the defensive side a while back, and has been looking to expand its repertoire of competent players in that department. And after seeing his skill during the Brighton vs Manchester City match on the on the 7th of May 2022, were the Spaniard netted two goals out of the four total they mustered that day, leaving the Citizens with zero goals to their name on that match, it’s very easy to see why. Another good reason is that they were left with a very big hole in the left-back position ever since Benjamin Mendy was arrested last summer.

Overall, once you take all of those factors into account Brighton’s decision doesn’t really come as a surprise. After all, he has been named their player of the season 2021/22, which is where they achieved their highest league finish as of yet. Meaning that this is the perfect moment to open an original betting account via agent and make hefty profits before the odds recover from this development.