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Major tech developments for the Qatar World Cup

Major tech developments for the Qatar World Cup

Since its first introduction into the FA Cup back in 2017, VAR (Video Assistant Referee) was considered a very controversial matter; some even accused the technology of potentially ruining the game. Since then, views on it have changed considerably, though. To the point that many even hold high hopes for it; as it is a hard truth of the world that human inventiveness always looks for new means, solutions and improvements for every aspect of our lives. So, it is to be expected that in the future, the sports, games, and competitions we all love will become more and more intertwined with upcoming and often times revolutionary technologies. However, this is a good thing, rather than a bad one; for stagnation on any medium has often resulted on dire consequences. Even the betting world has had ample tech developments over the years and now original accounts at all the major bookmakers are extremely sought out.

Reasons for its application

There are quite a few instances when a human error has led to unintended outcomes. And these are precisely the kind of things that are trying to be prevented by this new technology. Obvious errors, oversights, and hard-to-spot occurrences, all of which could have a serious impact on the issuing of penalties, on the outcome, or on the general flow of the game, are all the sorts of things which are expected to be resolved thanks to these tech advancements. Dermot Gallagher a former Premier League referee commented on the matter "We've seen situations in the Champions League and the Premier League where very tough offsides took time due to the complexity of them. This will eliminate most of that…”

How does it work?

Some of the main SAOT (Semi Automated Offside Technology) developments for the upcoming competition in Qatar will be mounted tracking cameras that will be placed on the stadium, which will track both the players and the ball. Additionally, a sensor will be added at the very middle of the official World Cup match ball, thus providing useful data 500tps to a video operation room where the Assistant Referees will be relating all pertinent information to the on-field ones.


To say the least, most people in the medium have high hopes that these SAOTs will provide the necessary assistance for referees on field to make the most accurate decisions they can possibly make. On this, the chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee Pierluigi Collina said “The testing has been a major success and we are very confident that, in Qatar, we will have a very valuable support tool to help referees and assistant referees make the best and most correct decision on the field of play.” Without a doubt, this will have an effect on the bookmaker’s odds, so move fast and open an original betting account via agent before the competition starts.