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Luis Suárez and the monumental transfer to Atlético Madrid

Luis Suárez and the monumental transfer to Atlético Madrid

We have seen a number of news about the major ‘exchange’ of players between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. Antoine Griezmann moved to Koeman’s squad as a prospect to further shine, while for Luis Suárez, Los Colchoneros didn’t sound like the best option for a rather controversial but otherwise stellar football career. However, after half the season in LaLiga, things look quite different than expected, resulting in a change in the odds offered for betting. You can check those new odds if you sign up for a Betfair account today.

The clouded minds of the Catalonian team management

At the end of the last season, Barcelona tried to ‘retire’ Suárez as he was no longer considered an asset. The Uruguayan scored only 16 goals for the Blaugrana and this was viewed as a bad performance from the player, not as a result of the problematic status of the entire team. Even before El Pistolero’s contract was over, they got Griezmann for 120 million Euros, while they sold Luis to the Rojiblancos for 5.5.

Koeman and Bartomeu surely now regret both choices they made. Grizou has scored only 27 goals in 78 matches, which does not seem to worth what they paid for. While a period of adjustment to a new team and a new set of requirements is definitely necessary when a player joins a new squad, the time frame here looks a lot longer than it should. Which begs the question of what was the real reason behind Suárez’s dismissal. It is only lately that the Frenchman has begun to prove his worth.

New team, new results

On the other hand, Gunman’s course at the Wanta Metropolitano, show that the golden years are not over for him. After 20/38 games, he has already netted the ball the same number of times (16) as those that led to his dismissal from Camp Neu. Taking into account that he has played to only 17 of those 20 matches, the record is almost perfect. He is currently the lead scorer, even over Messi who is 2 goals behind.

This is the best half-season for a striker in the Spanish league in the 21st century. Cristiano Ronaldo held the record until this week, where the Portuguese football star scored 15 goals in his first 17 games with Real Madrid during the 2009-2010 season. Suárez will now make history with his new team regardless of what happens in the second half of the season.

The clear minds of Atlético

For Simeone and the whole team from Madrid, the results obtained from the transfer of their new player are awesome. After 20 rounds, the Colchoneros lead the race 5 points ahead of their closest rival, Real. Moreover, Barcelona are 8 points behind Suárez’s new club.

If you take into account that both the Merengues and the Blaugrana have played more games, then the whole scenery couldn’t be better for Atleti. It has definitely paid off on the contract they signed with the Gunman, which stipulated an additional million Euros as a bonus if the Uruguayan striker scored more than 15 goals. Another million will be paid to him if he makes it to 20 goals during the season.


The point that makes the difference is Suarez’s effectiveness. He collected on the first clause of his contract at the home game against Celta Vigo, where he scored twice in 5 minutes. These were the only 2 chances that presented themselves to him and he took advantage of both. The example shows how effective he has been so far.

If he stays healthy then it should not be a problem to collect on the second bonus clause of his contract in no time. Which is of interest to all punters including yourselves. You could place your bets on what will his final tally be, and make some good profits by working with the best online bookmakers and exchanges in the world through ACC-EX, a betting service with no restrictions.