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Konspiration 58 - Was the 1958 World Cup a CIA fake out?

Konspiration 58 - Was the 1958 World Cup a CIA fake out?

No, obviously, it was not, but find out more about why some people think so below.

In 2002, a documentary shocked Sweden. Konspiration 58 argued that the 1958 World Cup, held in the country, was orchestrated by the CIA, with support from the Swedish government and UEFA.

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Weird beginnings

The documentary appeared at the beginning of the century to gather evidence about the possible “scam”, based on the thesis of historian Bror Jacques de Waern, who claimed that the Cup was a CIA propaganda experiment during the Cold War. Three former Swedish players spoke to the documentary crew, but Lennart Johansson, Honorary President of UEFA, is the only top hat to appear in the documentary, he states that he started receiving death threats over the phone. Thus, the man became a great opponent of Konspiration 58.

One of the most repeated pieces of evidence by the conspirators is that Sweden would not have enough infrastructure to host an event of that size, the buildings around the stadiums would not be consistent with the local architecture. Seduced by the financial power of the USA, Sweden would have agreed to embrace the farce to leverage the local economy.

According to De Waern, the size of the shadows cast by the players on the field denotes that the matches could only have taken place, during that time of the year, in North America, where the Cup would have been recorded and orchestrated. Sweden's latitude, much further north than California, would generate shorter shadows.

According to their website, the boots used by the Brazilian team contained details in the design that did not exist at the time. That would be an oversight of the CIA, which, in addition to being a country with little football tradition, did not have the cunning of the Swedes.

But, wait…. It was a prank!

At the end of the documentary credits, the message appears: “Don't believe everything you see on the screen”. The entire film is a scam. The creator's idea was to criticize Holocaust deniers. The problem is that this monster gained a life of its own and today there are those who really defend that the World Cup was a fraud.

The documentary went down in the history of Swedish audiovisual. Today, it is used in schools across the country to educate students about the importance of developing critical thinking in a class to combat fake news.

As Sweden is further from the Equator than California, the shadows projected at the same time and on the same day are larger, not smaller. The boots used by Brazil were the same used by Sweden itself, supplied by Puma.

Everything can be explained logically, but some people just can’t let go of their delusions. But the facts are clear, the cup did happen, and Brazil was the winner. Point. Nothing to discuss here. And if you also want to be a winner learn more about the greatest legends of the world of sports, check out our news section, and join ACC-EX in the world of sports!