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It has been a sad Christmas for the world of the National Basketball Association, especially for the Boston Celtics. The legendary K.C. Jones, an emblematic figure in the history of the Massachusetts franchise (former Boston Celtics player and coach), has passed away recently.

This news was confirmed by the clover franchise (lost to Brooklyn Nets 123-95 on Friday). Jones played nine seasons in the NBA for them and won titles in eight of those. The 8 rings allowed him to become the third top winner in the league's history, only behind legendary teammates Bill Russell (11) and Sam Jones (10).

To climb the staircase all the way to the status of legend, the success as a player, was  carried over to his coaching days, where he won three titles (one as an assistant and two as a head coach) during Boston's golden years of the 1980s when stars of the magnitude of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish lead the way for the still holding 40-1 home victory record (matched but not surpassed by San Antonio). That team is widely considered as one of the best in NBA history.

Although he always remained in the background and did not dazzle with his statistics (averaging only 7.4 points in his career), Jones' work - affectionately called "C" for champion- had always been pivotal, especially in defence. He was always the consummate team player whose coverage caused serious problems for rival stars of the likes of  Jerry West and Oscar Robertson and whose form of play drove the Celtics' engine. You can follow in his footsteps and drive your betting motor to victorious wins by opening a betting account at original bookmakers.

He retired from the field at 34 in 1967 (which was the only year that he did not win a title as a player) and begun his career as a coach. The first stop was Brandeis University outside Boston, then came ABA and NBA in various assistant or head coaching positions, before returning to the Celtics in 1976 to assist, learn and finally replace the brilliant Bill Fitch in 1983.

KC Jones through ACC-EX

His coaching style was the solid proof that leadership and trust are more important than endless hours of training. It might have been criticized by some people, but his players welcomed him and always respected him and his skills.

Jones stopped coaching the Celtics after the 1987 season and moved to Celtics' headquarters before ending his career with the Seattle SuperSonics and the Detroit Pistons.The franchise from Boston decided to retire his number 25 in 1967, while he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the class of 1989.

K.C Jones passed away as one of seven players to win college and NBA basketball titles, as well as Olympic gold, joining Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Jerry Lucas, Quinn Buckner, and Clyde Lovellette. All of his achievements made him the legend he is today. He will remain in memory as one of the greats in the history of basketball.