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Is the Premier League at risk amidst COVID-19 resurgence?

Is the Premier League at risk amidst COVID-19 resurgence?

The madness that swept over the world since last February, after the break out of Coronavirus, seems to be far from over. All aspects of life are affected including all activities that are attached to the sporting and betting worlds. Even though 5 vaccines have been developed in record time and massive efforts for the inoculation of the general public are well underway, it is a sad fact that the virus has neither being contained nor prevented from getting mutated.

The numbers are simply devastating: Over 80,000,000 infected, over 2,000,000 dead in less than a year.  All aspects of social and economic life have been put to a halt. Sports, being no exception, have suffered quite damaging during the end of the 2019-2020 sporting period, while they do not seem to be diminishing for the new seasons of all sports.

However, the initial reaction of locking down all activities for a period of 3 months has now been replaced by carefully organized events through strict health protocols for all professionals involved, closed doors for the spectators, and other restrictions. The Premier League followed this exact course of action hoping that, at some point, there will be a much-expected return to norms during the course of the season. By extension, betting enthusiasts around the world are able to bet on EPL through the best betting service for top bookies - Account-Exchange.

The new problem, that has caused a fair amount of worrying, is the discovery of the mutation of the original virus that contaminates people faster. According to the official numbers, the positive cases of infection doubled. Similarly, from 18 cases among the players and the staff of the clubs, we jumped to the dreaded number of 40 after the last round of testing. The situation, of course, led to a decision for a new and stricter lockdown.

For the EPL. there are opposing opinions on whether the current season should be halted or not. While managers and players are against the idea of another pause, health experts believe that it’s a risk to continue. Here are the facts that those that will take the decision consider:

  • Leagues, matches, and all other interests cannot be placed above public health
  • The governing bodies of the Premier League, along with all other leagues, have taken all the measures required to protect themselves. In some aspects, even stricter than those proposed by the UK government.
  • Plans to re-schedule any suspended matches have already been drawn.
  • The suspension of activities, especially those addressing the release of the psychological pressure has led to a dramatic increase in breakdowns and hospitalizations for mental disorders.

No decision has been made yet; however, it is more than likely that the current status will be maintained as long as the developed vaccines can cover the mutation. So, we strongly recommend that you open a betting account without restrictions now to place your winning bets at the English Premier League matches and more.