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Is Sir Lewis Hamilton the best F1 driver ever?

Is Sir Lewis Hamilton the best F1 driver ever?

This is a question that surely must be arising in all discussions between Formula 1 fans all over the world. The answer would of course depend on who the question is asked to, along with the arguments presented. Take a look at our top-class bookie reviews and choose your original betting account to take advantage of our shared passion for motorsports.

Recognitions and Awards

The first thing that strikes the eye, is the title of “Sir” in front of his name. Indeed, Lewis Hamilton has been awarded the title of Knight Bachelor by Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. It’s an honor that his supporters could use to allege his superiority over other drivers in history.

However, he is not the first to receive such a title. That honor fell to Sir Stirling Moss, while Jack Brabham and Jackie Stewart are also Knight Bachelors. It could be argued by those against him being the best, that the title cannot be held as an advantage, because it is only available for the British and it is not related to the sport itself. While the latter may be correct, Hamilton has received another title that is. Typically, his name is followed by MBE and HonFREng. The last reference is his induction into the Royal Academy of Engineering for his contribution in the technological developments of motorsports.

The Statistics

Without a doubt, Lewis has broken all the records and sets new ones from now on. He is the driver who broke the 100-win barrier, the driver that has taken the most pole positions, etc… However, is this the correct attribute to use to determine if he is the best that has ever been?

An argument could be made that other legends of the past had better win-to-race or pole-to-race percentages. It could also be brought into the dispute that his achievements are not owed to his own driving capabilities, but to the technological superiority of Mercedes over the other teams. All of the above are valid if one is to look at the subject matter objectively.

There is only one definite way to determine who’s the best. And it does not have to do with numbers.

The Effect on the Sport and the Public

Michael Jordan is considered as the best basketball player ever. So is Bjorn Borg in tennis. The reason is not what they did when they were playing. It is how they influenced the progress and development of the sport and how they brought in almost every child and adolescent, to watch them in action and wishing to become like them. What’s the saying? “Do it like Mike”? Does that ring any bells?

So far, in formula one, this achievement belongs to Ayrton Senna Da Silva. If we are to judge the number of people that he affected, an argument could be made that the only driver to compare is Max Verstappen. As far as his stance and dominance on the sport is concerned, then the jury is still out, as Hamilton is still active. So the question becomes: Has he produced the stance and dominance required to be called the best ever? The answer is for everyone to decide for themselves. Get ready to find the best betting markets in Formula 1 and register for an original Betfair account now.