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Formula 1 2021 launches, tests and season

Formula 1 2021 launches, tests and season

Just like every other major sport worldwide, Formula 1 lost a lot of funding last year. The balance, as stated by the officials of the motorsport elite, came up to the staggering amount of 320 million euros for 2020. Fortunately, for 2021, the news are good. Things are expected to go a lot better and this is reflected to the odds offered for the upcoming Grand Prix races. Take a look at our top-class bookie reviews and choose your original betting account to take advantage of the new prices.

During February, the full grid was confirmed after Sir Lewis Hamilton signed for another year with Mercedes. Also, we saw the new single seater launches from six of the ten teams.

The new cars:

1.- McLaren’s MCL35M

mclaren via ACC-EXThe first presentation was from McLaren which kept Lando Norris and brought in Daniel Ricciardo. This was a change that no one saw coming, not even Red Bull. However, after a well fought and well deserved third position in the constructor standings last year, McLaren promises to keep improving.

2.- Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo

alpha tauri via ACC-EXA few days later, both teams presented their new cars and teams. The first one comes with high hopes for the top of the middle board, which sounds highly improbable if the thus far displayed potential is taken into account. There have been rumours about a new design for the front of the new car for the Italian team. They were proven true. The engine will come from Ferrari and it is Alfa Romeo’s sincere hope that a major improvement will come out of Maranello’s efforts.

3.- Red Bull’s RB16B

Red Bull via ACC-EXThe team is the third challenger for this year. With the arrival of Checo Pérez to the side of the ferocious Max Verstappen, the team wants to make the jump to a possible first place and finally beat Mercedes. The car presents a new gearbox, a new power unit from Honda and a new floor and diffuser. Overall, it’s a design that builds on all the successful features of its predecessor, while adding a few new ones.

4.- Alpine’s A521

Alpine via ACC-EXAlpine is Renault’s new name. The most important piece of news here is the return of Fernando Alonso in the grids of formula 1. Esteban Ocon remains as the second driver while Daniil Kvyat will remain as a reserve driver. Even further changes have been announced for the managing team as Laurent Rossi has taken over as CEO, replacing Cyril Abiteboul, and Davide Brivio moved from Moto GP to take over as racing director. It remains to be seen whether the new car and all the changes will have the impact everyone expects.

5.- Mercedes W12

Mercedes via ACC-EXThe German side has a serious goal for 2021. To break the record for consecutive World Championship doubles, seeking the eighth one. Most of W12 comes out of the improvements made to W11 plus a new trimmed floor as per the new regulations. Other new features include a new aerodynamic package, improved suspension and a new engine.

The last team to reveal its new F1 contender will be Ferrari. After last year’s debacle, everyone expects major improvements especially for the power unit. It was the reason that Mattia Binotto was not present at the team’s pits for the last races in 2020, as he wanted to personally oversee the development of the new engine. However, this is not the only issue for Scuderia. While Enzo Ferrari once said that “aerodynamics are for those who cannot build engines”, the Italian side never had anything more than a mediocre aerodynamic package. Will it be improved as well?

Tests and the beginning of the season

The official tests are scheduled between Mar 12 and 14. The teams will be able to receive more data on actual conditions, while the rest of us might get a better understanding of the progress made by each team. It is common knowledge that initial results and projections can be very misguided. We still remember how Ferrari impressed everyone during the 2019 tests while, in the end, Mercedes never lost the lead.

Both the tests and the first race will be in Bahrein. For the latter, we will be able to see the 5 lights go off on March 28. It will be strange to see a season opening away from Albert Park in Australia, however, a night race will be an excellent way to start the championship. Get ready to find the best betting markets in Formula 1 and register for an original Betfair account now.