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Following Jordan’s Last Dance, Tom Brady will have his documentary

Following Jordan’s Last Dance, Tom Brady will have his documentary

Social networks and mass media can’t stop talking about Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance documentary. Even here, in ACC-EX, we delighted with this great series. Haven’t you read our article yet? Check the most memorable parts from The Last Dance documentary. We bet that you won’t be disappointed.

The success of this documentary has been simply great and sports and bets fans want to see more of this. Producers and players are also amazed about it and ESPN, one of the most popular cable sports channels worldwide, informed that will release a documentary about Tom Brady. The channel, owned by The Walt Disney Company, wants to keep up with Jordan’s documentary as the expectations will be also high. This series about Tom Brady will be named Man in The Arena and will cover the history of the great NFL’s quarterback and superstar in 9 episodes. There is not an official release date yet, but the network informed that it will be during 2021.

Tom Brady’s life

When you talk about Tom Brady and his life on the NFL, you must note his 6 titles and his 3 Super Bowl defeats. All this was lived through 20 years and with only one team: New England Patriots. These 6 championships and trophies make him the only NFL player with that amount of Super Bowl titles in the history. Tom Brady, a man of records and a true legend, has more than 200 victories in regular seasons and a total of 30 won games during the playoffs series.

On the other hand, talking about Brady’s life also show us a different side of him. When he is out of the field, his personality is not that ferocious. The Brady we know in press conferences and life in general, is very shy about his personal life. Also, he is a very humble person and generally talks about team efforts instead of personal goals or achievements. Through the documentary, we will probably see a different side of him and it will be great to see a different approach about a career that hasn’t finished yet.

Tom Brady’s new challenges

In March, only two months ago, Brady signed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the expectations about this new change are extremely high. Even the coronavirus is playing a part of this and we can’t wait to see him playing with his new team. Recent news informed about Brady training for the first time with the Bucs last week.

This new episode in Tampa will be a very interesting one to see. In New England, Brady was a leader and he was used to give the orders. Now, with the Bucs, he will have to adapt and start listening as the offensive team of Tampa has a different style of playing. Bruce Arians will be his new coach and he already mentioned that Brady is opened to learn new things and he has been adapting well to its instructions.

About the documentary, it is too soon to know if we will be able to see Brady’s first steps with the Buccaneers. However, the new season will start soon and we will be able to see it live and, even better, we will be able to bet on his games. Don’t you have an account yet? Open a betting account now and prepare yourself for a new NFL season!