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FIFA 22: First Impressions

FIFA 22: First Impressions

EA Sports didn't really hide the fact that FIFA 21 was not planned as a pivotal episode of one of the greatest video game series in history, to be used with the new generation of consoles that were planned to hit the market at the end of 2020. On the contrary, more production time and refining of the PS5 and Xbox Series was supposed to give fans of football and sports video games, a great moment with FIFA 22. Expectations were therefore high for this new opus, scheduled for release on October 1st. The release will greatly affect the odds offered on e-sports, so get ready on time by registering with the best betting service.

We will focus on the Next Gen versions here, as the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions will not benefit from the new features announced by EA Sports. It will come as a great disappointment to those players who have not yet been able to get their hands on the latest consoles.

The Next Gen Technology

"FIFA 22 will be the basis for future editions of FIFA in the next five to ten years," assured the American giant in the preamble of the presentation to which the press was invited. The game is based on a new technology called HyperMotion, an engine that has allowed EA Sports to work on the behavior of players in real time, during matches 11 against 11 captured in their entirety, instead of recording animation by animation as in the past. The technology promises more than 4,000 additional animations and even greater fidelity on the field.

The tactical intelligence becomes the one of the whole team, instead of just the individual players. This should take the series to a new level in terms of the impact of strategy on the way you play, especially in defense. EA also guarantees that with powerful "learning" algorithms, made possible by the new consoles, FIFA 22 will store data based on your own gameplay to adjust the play style of your opponent.

New Features & Impressions

Some of the new additions are quite interesting. The animated guards are much more solid, while the aerial duels are more accurate and providing “human” expression to the players. However, perhaps the most controversial part, is that the impression is that the new version is still FIFA 21.

While, the recipe for an overall realism and a hint of fantasy - fast players like Kylian Mbappé are still hard to stop - hasn't moved one iota, some of the game's announced new strengths, such as the integration of "analytics" and much more advanced match statistics, clearly fall short. For example, seeing up to 7 expected goals for a single team in a match that ended up with a 2-2 draw, while PSG, European leader in the matter, "capped" at 2.39 last season, is not serious.

The first glimpses of FUT or the career mode, give us some hope. It remains to be seen if they will be fulfilled.