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Esports – Can it replace Traditional Sports?

Esports – Can it replace Traditional Sports?

Some still argue that Esports cannot be considered a sport by claiming that it doesn’t require any skill or there is no actual physical activity involved. There are numbers of counter-arguments. Many of the Esports lovers respond with the fact that Chess is recognized by over 100 countries in the world. We also believe that the involvement of physical effort should not be a requirement for an activity to be considered as a sport. Bookmakers also disagree with this claim and they offer Esports for bettors. If you are also looking for one, you can open original 10bet account via betting broker. In this article, we will go further. We are going to analyse whether Esports can replace Traditional Sports in the future or not.

The Popularity

While Esports may not be well-known amongst the generation X, generation Y and Z were born into the years when video games became so popular. However, it took some time for video games to be recognized by mainstream advertisement agencies. Nowadays, you can witness a League of Legends game televised and you won’t be even surprised. That was not the case 10 years ago. 2013 League of Legends Championship Final was viewed by almost 27 million people. It had the second-highest amount of viewers next to Superbowl. As a result, Esports started to become prominent in the betting industry as well.

The Economy

As we mentioned, Esports events are viewed by millions. What about the money they bring? Currently, it ranks 5th amongst the major league sports revenues. For new-born sports, it is undoubtedly a great achievement. However, it seems unlikely in the near future that it can surpass any of the sports that ranked higher.


Although Esports has started to be recognized as a sport by the authorities, at the moment it is almost impossible for it to replace traditional sports. The future is bright, though. We expect that it will be even more popular with the technology growing day by day. Whether you are an Esports fan or not, you can always have an original bookmaker account via betting broker.