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England's historic qualification for a Euro final

England's historic qualification for a Euro final

It was an unforgettable night for England against Denmark. Gareth Southgate managed to propel England into their first-ever Euro final; something that no one else had done for fifty-five years. He had this big challenge, he didn't want to stop so close to the goal, he did it, he's in the final and now, he is making history. Will you bet on England if you sign up at the best betting service without limits?

England's odyssey is the journey of a nation which, proud of what they imagined themselves to be and unaware of what they had become, once believed that their supremacy would be eternal. After snubbing the rest of the planet, deeming themselves too beautiful to take part in the World Cup before World War II, the Perfidious Albion pulled out the oars to bring the Jules-Rimet trophy back to their island on July 30, 1966. The same month, but this year 2021, England finds itself once again at the top, in a final of the Euro. They have qualified for the final of a Euro Championship for the first time in their history; they remain as the team that has played the most matches in this competition so far – 37 in total – without ever reaching the final. Finally, they succeeded making it through a semi-final after being knocked out four times at the same stage of a major tournament (Euro 1968, World Cup 1990, Euro 1996 and World Cup 2018).

After this long wait, almost half a century, England is finally there and this made the front page of all British newspapers, considered to be the greatest dream of all time. The politicians did not fail to give their impressions on this subject; Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had the white jersey of the English selection on Wednesday evening at Wembley, appreciated on Twitter the fantastic performance of the team of Gareth Southgate; he encouraged them to bring the trophy home. In the same way, on the Sky News channel, the Minister of Finance sees it as a fantastic moment for the country which comes to remind what life looked like before the coronavirus; Minister Rishi Sunak on the BBC believes that it unites the country and benefits the economy.

According to the Politico publication, a victory against Italy could lead the government to distinguish England coach Gareth Southgate and other players from a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) title.

Between the power of the Italian game and the enthusiasm of England, everything will have to be decided in this grand final between these two great teams. Will England finally get their first coronation? Keep close eyes to our news section to know the outcome of this final.