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E-Sports are on the rise after the coronavirus outbreak

E-Sports are on the rise after the coronavirus outbreak

After the coronavirus affected a large part of the world, the sports action has been mostly ‘over’. We have seen a huge decrease in the sports events being played right now, with only a few football leagues going on: Belarus, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan, and Taiwan first leagues. But when we take a look at e-Sports, we see an incredible amount of new players, fans and, of course, bettors! If you are ready to take a step on this popular online world, register for a betting account with the highest limits.

The experts knew that e-Sports rating was going to increase in time, but no one expected a massive rise while the COVID-19 is reaching each corner of the world. Studies and research noticed an increase of 75% in the amount of users playing online after the confinement started. This number corresponds to data from the US, China, Italy, and Spain, which are 4 of the most affected countries by the virus.

E-Sports achieves new records

According to Acuity Ads, 15 million users had connected to play the popular first person shooter Call of Duty - Warriors during the last month. Also, the big online videogames platform Steam reached a new record after more than 20 million users were connected at the same time. Steam is also widely known for a first person shooter: Counter-Strike. This game has millions of players worldwide in many of the different versions of this game. Additionally, Countre-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most popular betting options on e-Sports along with DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Other platforms directly related to e-Sports such as YouTube and Twitch also increased their number of visitors in the last month. This happened after getting more interaction with different online videogames, live streaming and e-sports tournaments and leagues.

Advertising is also following e-Sports

After this unexpected change caused by the coronavirus, different brands have been forced to reinvent themselves in order to keep improving. In this sense, e-Sports are the new trend in the world and it looks like the perfect window for many branches to advertise.

This electronics sports events have different audiences, because first we have the gamers, divided in two groups, depending on being regular online players or professional players as we see in the tournaments we bet on. Secondly, we have hundreds of million viewers from all ages who find on e-Sports a moment of distraction during these hard times.

Even Formula 1, the most respectable and reputable motor sport in the world had to stop the season this year. However, the brand found their way to keep reaching new markets and they recently started the F1 Virtual Grand Prix. Through this new concept, the Formula 1 broadcasts different electronic races with some of the real drives of the category. Also, they have invited famous personalities such as the cricket Red Bull athlete Ben Stokes, the AC Milan football player Alessio Romagnoli, and the also cricketer Stuart Broad. Check the top-class bookies reviews and don’t miss the chance to bet and win with these excellent e-Sports market.