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Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021: Eventful weekend from start to finish!

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021: Eventful weekend from start to finish!

Perez's victory, Hamilton's resounding mistake, along with Sebastian Vettel's great comeback, marked an eventful weekend at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021. The Mexican, ahead of Vettel and Gasly, prevailed in a historic race in Baku, where the British Sir Lewis Hamilton was left out of scoring for the first time since July 2018. It was a weekend that confirmed that nothing can be taken for granted in Formula 1 races, so they always present a great opportunity to bet on original European bookmakers, with Acc-Ex.

The Red Bull party almost ended in a double in Baku. However, it turned into disaster four laps before the checkered flag. Max Verstappen's left rear tire blew out at over 300 km/h on the main straight. The collision with the wall and the image of Mad Max coming down into his garage were a serious setback for Christian Horner's team; he was almost celebrating the double. However, not everything was lost for Red Bull. On the remaining two laps, with a run from the grid after a red flag, Lewis Hamilton missed his big chance, being the victim of a breakdown that sent him flying past Turn 1.

This was great news for Red Bull, as Verstappen retained the lead in the championship, while Pérez celebrates his second victory ever, just seven months after its premiere at Sakhir. So, in terms of standings, everything remained pretty much the same for the leaders.

Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly completed the podium of an unforgettable Azerbaijan GP.

A well-deserved place for Vettel

The German, chosen as Sunday's driver by the fans, easily stayed in front of Pierre Gasly, who had his own fight against Charles Leclerc. In that restart, the emerging figure was that of Vettel, who managed to extend the useful life of the soft compound to the limit. In fact, he led the race for several laps before entering the pits. At the restart and in just two turns, the four-time champion got rid of Gasly and Leclerc, who, a few meters later, came close to unleashing a catastrophe. The secret was to bring the tires to the optimal temperature quickly.

The Ferraris proved once again that there may have been a considerable improvement to their cars, however, they still have a long way to go to be competitive. Pole-man Leclerc could not match the pace of the leading teams and he was quickly overtaken. Additionally, Carlos Sainz had to settle with eighth place.

The rear lefts’ disaster

Three rear left tires suffered catastrophic failure sending Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen on the wall at the main straight at almost max speed. After the first incident, the race was continued behind the safety car, while after the second, the race was stopped altogether with a red flag. Upon checking, it was discovered that there was a similar problem with Hamilton’s left rear, however, it wasn’t deep enough to cause a puncture and another kissing of the wall.

As those tires belonged to the hard compound, i.e. the one of least wear, Pirelli suspected debris on the race track rather than a failure due to other reasons. The reason for that suspicion being that other drivers had completed any number from 37 to 41 laps without presenting the same problem. However, the tires are undergoing tests and the official report on what happened will be released in the future.

Meanwhile, there are other races on the calendar and you can continue winning with Formula 1 by registering with the best betting service for original and verified accounts. The French Grand Prix at the Paul Ricard circuit is coming up next!