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Arsene Wenger wants the World Cup to be held every 2 years

Arsene Wenger wants the World Cup to be held every 2 years

FIFA's Director of International Football Development, Arsene Wenger, presented his future plans to the German magazine “Kicker”. According to him, they are working on a project to hold the World Cup more often. That would be great news for all the punters that enjoy betting on Mundial games and open original accounts through the best betting service.

"The fans want more tournament matches, fewer qualifiers. Starting in 2024, we are producing projects to organize the World Cup every two years."

Arsene Wanger FIFAThe concept

The intention is to ease the national teams’ game schedule during a season. "National teams can only meet in October for qualifying matches. With 7 matches to be played in one month, we can complete the qualifying stage. Thus, we will have a chance to reduce the time spent on national teams during the season from 50 days to 28 days." He added that they could implement the project they are working on, after the 2024 European Championships.

Wenger went on to argue that the small breaks for qualifying matches, has had an adverse effect on the health and mindset of the players: "I think the players are not happy with the constant small breaks in the international calendar for the qualifiers at the World Cup. The congestion in the calendar causes them to struggle mentally and physically. The absence of Robert Lewandowski from the pitch with an injury in last season's match against Andorra for Poland directly affected Bayern Munich's level of success in the Champions League season."

To achieve this, the number of qualifiers needs to be reduced from 10 to 7 and they should be held in a single interim of appropriate time, as per the former French coach. “Seven matches a month and players can participate directly in the finals in June. We want to reduce the number of qualifying matches. This is the only way players can be improved," he said.

A completely different calendar

If the qualifiers are held under these conditions, there would be no difficulty in holding the World Cup every two years. The calendar would look like this: 2026 World Cup, 2027 European Championship and other continental tournaments, 2028 World Cup. This way, each tournament can be held without problems.

However, these changes are not considered before 2024. Until then, the tournament formats will remain the same. We will keep you updated with the new developments about the subject, so make sure to visit our news section to stay informed.