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Aishwarya sets a new national record in women’s long jump

Aishwarya sets a new national record in women’s long jump

A new national record has been set in India by a young upstart who has both the mindset to succeed and the right people behind her to teach her the needed skills. Those are great news for those having original betting accounts, since it represents a great opportunity for future successful wagering. On this detailed review we have put up, as is the key to preparing for such success.

The deed

Aishwarya Babu has crowned herself as the undisputed queen by breaking the national record in women’s long jump, during the National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships.

The 24 year old athlete had this to say after her achievement “I was confident that I would break the national triple jump record. I had prepared for it. I hope to break the long jump record tomorrow also,"

The record

This has set her right before Anju Bobby George whom at the Athens Olympics in 2004 had set the national record at 6.83m.

Last year she had won gold at the National Open Championships with a 13.55m and now, having smashed the triple jump national record, she has now set the bar at 14.14m. It’s clear she is not done yet and will continue to pursue even greater heights, as the young athlete is both full of vigor and hopes for the future.

Her current coach Aiyappa could not be prouder, as he stated “For her short stature, her speed and explosiveness is unbelievable, world class. I will not be surprised if she touches 7m in long jump.” He predicted Aishawarya would succeed in breaking the national record, and with the training they have been having; as not in even the COVID-19 pandemic was able to stop this duo’s dedication and hard work; he foresees she will soon achieve even greater things.

What’s next?

Her coach has said he is entirely focused on improving the strength of her performance, as he thinks “The Europeans, Jamaicans and Americans are really strong and it’s difficult to compare with them in strength…”

Her path will have hardships, but she has the mindset to overcome both the odds and the difficulties that may arise. Such magnificent spirit can serve as an example for everybody. In fact, you can also attempt to overcome the odds, you just need to open an original betting account via agent.