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A Short Tale of the Weirdest Football Match Ever

A Short Tale of the Weirdest Football Match Ever

The year was 1994, and 21 Caribbean nations had come together to play for the Caribbean Cup. Eventually, Trinidad and Tobago would take the title, but Barbados and Grenada would play a match that would be known as the weirdest match in the story of the tournament, and one of the weirdest in the story of football as a whole. Most football matches are not that peculiar, but if you want to make the most of the sport, make sure to open an original Bet365 account via best betting broker so you can always enjoy the highest odds and limits.

Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Grenada were in the same group for the qualifying rounds. In the first 2 matches, Barbados lost to Puerto Rico by 1-0 and Puerto Rico lost to Grenada by 2-0. Barbados & Grenada were set to face each other and the potential outcomes were as follows: With a victory, Grenada could advance in the championship. On the other hand, if Barbados wanted to advance, they would need to win with an advantage of at least 2 goals over Grenada, because at the time goal differential was often used as a tiebreaker.

There weren't any draws during the qualifying rounds, so matches often went into sudden death or “golden goal” extra time, and such was the case with this match. However, for this game in particular, something very unusual happened. For some reason, the organizers of the tournament decided that goals scored during the extra time would be worth two goals. And so, on that fateful day, with Barbados winning 2-1 in regular time and with less than 10 minutes left in the match, they had only two choices: either try to score a third goal, which was very unlikely due to the heavy defense form Grenada, or to intentionally score an own goal, take the game up at 2-2, and hope they manage to secure a two-goal- advantage victory during the extra time. Well, believe it or not, they choose the latter.

And so the game was tied 2-2, and what was already a strange situation became even stranger. The Grenada side realized that either a 3-2 win or a 3-2 loss would be just as effective for them because Barbados needed an advantage of 2 goals. So they played trying to score in either goal—both Barbados' or their own. And that is what led us to a match where we saw Barbados trying to defend both goals against a two-fronted assault from Grenada. In the end, Grenada failed to score, and Barbados managed to meet the net securing a 4-2 victory and advancing in the championship.

And this is the tale of one of the weirdest football matches in history, where both teams scored against themselves and one of them had to defend 2 goals at the same time. You surely don’t see a match like this one every day, but one thing is for sure, if you want to support your favorite team with a nice bet, you must choose the right bookmaker to place your bets. And we can help you with that! You can check our original Bet365 review right here, as well as many other bookmakers, so we can help you to get the highest odds in the market.