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A return to the fields was deemed impossible

A return to the fields was deemed impossible

It was the beginning of the Euro 2021 championship. The Scandinavians came out on the field to fight it out in the first game of their group. The Danes and the Fins were expected to provide a hard competition from the first to the last minute of the confrontation. All of the best bookmakers had given almost equal odds on their chances for the victory.

However, on the 43rd minute of the game, things changed drastically. Not only that, the incident triggered changes for the entire tournament.

The scare

Out of the blue, one of the best midfielders in the world just collapsed on the field. He was lucky enough that his captain realized the situation quickly enough to provide the first assistance. The doctors probably broke any and all speed records running to get to him in time. Christian Eriksen had suffered a frightful asystole…

Everyone thought that this was the end of his career. At the professional level one certificate is required above all else. The one from the doctor that says that any player is fit to play. After the incident, the general consensus was that he would never be getting it.

He did not agree

The great Dane had other opinions for his future. While his contract with Inter Milan was broken due to his medical status, he worked hard during the seven months he was out of commission. Including having an automatic defibrillator (ICD heart starter) implanted in his chest. Probably the worst part of this period was the effort not to only to get the OK from his medical team, but also an approval for the ICD, as, up to that point, the device was not legal.

After having received both approvals, the previous unthinkable happened. First of all, he began training with his former club Ajax, until a contract with a team could be signed. It came in the form of the English team Brentford and his former coach Thomas Frank:

“It has been a while since I last coached him, and a lot has happened since then. Christian was 16 at the time and has become one of the best midfield players to appear in the Premier League. He has also won trophies all over Europe and become the star of the Danish national team.”

The Bees’ boss concluded his statement for the six months’ contract with the Dane, by mentioning that:

I am looking forward to working with Christian again.”

Apart from the meaning of his return to the fields and the strength of character, it is also a message that if there’s a will there’s a way. Similarly, if you have the will to support Brentford and Christian Eriksen, the way is to open a betting account without restrictions.