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A new site for the trusted betting agent with the original accounts to the giants

A new site for the trusted betting agent with the original accounts to the giants

ACC-EX came online a short while ago as a response to the bettors’ needs of the time which were becoming pressing and required some kind of a solution. The acceptance of what we did surpassed even our wildest expectations and led us to go a step forward. And that step is to upgrade our services, upgrade our procedures and, of course, upgrade our site.

Everything is new and improved. Greater speed, dynamic design for availability to every device out there capable of accessing the internet, new appearance and new interfaces. All intended to make your betting life easier. However, you should make no mistake. The ideas of the people behind acc-ex, are still the same. No matter who comes and goes, they are all eager to serve you, eager to respond and, most of all, eager to listen to your comments and your proposals for an even better betting experience. What we do is for your benefit and under this notion we always welcome your feedback.

What has also not changed is our core. Do you wish to open a Betfair account via an agent? This is still the place to be. Working faster, with greater efficiency and from every place that you can find an internet connection. Open one or multiple Bet365 accounts and enjoy the services of one of the most trusted betting agents? This is still the place you need. Working reliably and most of all securely and with the utmost respect for your privacy. Do you want to open a betting account and you live in a country where acquiring such an account is difficult? Here we are to help you through. All you need to do is place your trust in us.

Stagnation is not a trait that can ever be attached to us. We respect the brand name we have built and we respect our clientele. We will always keep upgrading. And the new site is our first installment on this promise. There will be others to follow up. The question that you will need to answer is whether you want to take advantage or not. And we are willing to bet that you will!