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A great opportunity to re-introduce Istanbul and Turkey

A great opportunity to re-introduce Istanbul and Turkey

Vural AK, Chairman of the Board of Intercity, joined into the announcement that the Formula 1 Grand Prix will be hosted at the Istanbul park for a second time in 8 months, replacing the schedule's Canadian race take place due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. It will not only be a race full of fun and surprises (even though there has been no decision taken yet on whether spectators will be allowed or not). The change in the calendar will also affect the odds offered on the 7th race so go ahead and register for a betting account without limits.

About the race itself

Ak went on to state that: "There was a disagreement at first but then all was agreed. Lewis Hamilton was the champion here. Afterward, referring to the tough race conditions he faced, he stated in all interviews that the Turkish Grand Prix was the best of his life. "

To continue commenting on the condition of the tarmac: “The asphalt of our track is new. The hot weather will allow for tighter tire grip, therefore, it will be a high-speed race. If it doesn’t rain, the lap time will be 7-8 seconds lower.”

About the spectators

However, the major issue was the spectators. He reminded everyone that the last race in November was followed by more than 2 billion people worldwide, while the photos of that event are still being shared. To carry on by saying: "It was exactly what we wanted. We have about 45 days. This is a very important success. It is an opportunity to introduce Istanbul and Turkey to 2 billion people again."

The decision on the allowance of the audience for the event will be taken in May and depend upon the pandemic conditions at the time. Ak shared his views on the subject: "I think we will be able to allow spectators. If this happens, almost 10 thousand foreign guests will come. They can stay in Istanbul for 3-4 days and watch the race. It will be very prestigious to start the tourism season in Istanbul with the world's largest motorsports organization. it will also be a great support. "

About the future

The Turkish Grand Prix was not included in the F1 calendar for the last 2 seasons. It replaced other events that were canceled. The chairman of Intercity concluded by sharing his thoughts on the future: "We will prepare very well for this great excitement in Intercity Istanbul Park and continue to introduce Istanbul to the world as it deserves. This agreement, which we have realized in this difficult period that the whole world is in, is also a harbinger of a long-term contract for Turkey."

The news on Covid-19 is both good (with the implementation of the vaccines) and bad (with the new outbreak in India). Everything still hangs on a fragile balance, so stay tuned to our news section where we will keep you updated on which races will remain on the schedule and which ones will be postponed.