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2020 NBA Draft Lottery Results & Mock Draft

2020 NBA Draft Lottery Results & Mock Draft

The 2020 NBA draft lottery has been held recently. Three teams (Timberwolves, Warriors, and Cavaliers) had the highest chance to land in the top 3 but poor Cavaliers again came up empty-handed. Here is how the 1st round of the 2020 NBA Draft will look like:

1- Minnesota Timberwolves
2- Golden State Warriors
3- Charlotte Hornets
4- Chicago Bulls
5- Cleveland Cavaliers
6- Atlanta Hawks
7- Detroit Pistons
8- New York Knicks
9- Washington Wizards
10- Phoenix Suns
11- San Antonio Spurs
12- Sacramento Kings
13- New Orleans Pelicans
14- Boston Celtics (via MEM)
15- Orlando Magic
16- Portland Trail Blazers
17- Timberwolves (via BKN)
18- Dallas Mavericks
19- Brooklyn Nets
20- Miami Heat
21- 76ers (via OKC)
22- Denver Nuggets (via HOU)
23- Utah Jazz
24- Milwaukee Bucks (via IND)
25- Thunder (via DEN)
26- Boston Celtics
27- Knicks (via LAC)
28- Los Angeles Lakers
29- Toronto Raptors
30- Boston Celtics (via MIL)

The 2020 NBA Draft is to be held on October 16 via videoconferencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally the draft was expected to take place on May 19 but we all know what happened. At the moment, the first round of the playoffs continues in Orlando. This is probably the biggest event bettors are taking advantage of at the moment. As always, Betfair offers the highest odds for NBA games. Make sure to get a Betfair.com account without limits and don’t miss the chance to win big!

2020 NBA Mock Draft

There is no doubt that the most famous player out of this year’s pool is LaMelo Ball. However, he is not expected to that Minnesota Timberwolves will choose him over Anthony Edwards. Here is our mock draft. Note that we have only listed and analyzed the first 3 projected picks.

1st Anthony Edwards

After the Timberwolves secured the number one pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the mock draft was reshaped. This is because they do not need a center at the moment as they have already Karl-Anthony Towns, one of the most talented players in their roster. They are also likely to pass on LaMelo Ball as they already traded Wiggins for D'Angelo Russell who is a potential franchise point guard. What they need now is a scorer like Anthony Edwards. The 6'5" shooting guard from Georgia has an exciting ceiling and has the potential to be a star player. He is powerful, explosive, and fearless on both ends of the court.

2ndJames Wiseman

After a year of tanking, Warriors landed the 2nd pick of 2020 NBA Draft and we are all familiar with what they have been looking for to acquire in this draft. Their starting five is almost complete with the Chef Curry at PG, Klay at SG, Wiggins at SF, and Draymond at PF. To complete the puzzle they needed an elite defender. Who would fit better than one of James Wiseman, one of the most athletic prospects we have seen recently, to this roster? I hear you Warriors fans. You have Embiid on your mind. Yes, Warriors can also trade this pick to get Embiid, who has already proved himself in this league and arguably has a better skill set than Wiseman’s.

3rd LaMelo Ball

Another member of the Ball family joins the league. This time, the expectations are even higher but not because of the exaggerations of the father of this family. LaMelo has already proven himself playing overseas and this is not the only reason why everyone is excited to see him playing at the NBA. First of all, he is a 6'7" point guard who can defend, score, and facilitate at an elite level. Second of all he is only 19 but played professional basketball, unlike the other prospects as I already mentioned. Last but not least, Hornets definitely need a franchise player, and who would be better for this role than the most famous player of this draft class?

While there is still time for the draft day, we suggest you tune in to ACC-EX to keep yourself updated for the latest news from the NBA. We are always trying our best to bring you the most accurate news!