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The U.S. Open is officially called the United States Open tennis tournament. This year 2019, it was the 139th edition of this great event and we had a very interesting final leg of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The Grand Slam includes four major tennis events. Beside U.S. Open the others being Australian Open which held in mid-January, the French Open around late May through early June and Wimbledon in June-July. Lastly, U.S. Open is held in August and September each year and this year, it was also held between August 26 – September 8. Each tournament is played over a two weeks. Tennis lovers know that it is best to open original Pinnacle account via betting broker to enjoy the highest odds and limits.

The Australian and United States tournaments are played on hard courts, the French on clay, and Wimbledon on the grass. Wimbledon is the oldest, founded in 1877, followed by the US in 1881, the French in 1891, and the Australian in 1905. However, of these four, only Wimbledon was a major before 1924–25, when all four became designated Grand Slam tournaments.

A single player or doubles team would be achieving the Grand Slam if they succeed winning all four of these championship titles in the same calendar year.

Until now Roger Federer holds the most Grand Slam titles with 20 wins and Rafael Nadal follows him with 18 wins. Novak Djokovic is at 16 wins right now. And this year while Djokovic won two tournaments, Nadal won the French Open. At French Open, if Djokovic had not lost against Dominic Thiem at the semi-finals, would have been a clear favourite for the Grand Slam. Last month on Wimbledon, Djokovic faced with his long last rival Federer in the finals and after 4 hours 55 minutes long match, he took the title. However, the winner of this great event was the Spanish Rafael Nadal, who claimed his 19th Grand Slam title. If you missed the chance to bet on this great event, don’t worry there are still some great tournaments for this year. Important thing is that you choose the correct bookmaker to place your bets. You can check our original Pinnacle review and enjoy the highest odds in the market.